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Dominion is a cry of extinction of the franchise • ENTER.CO

The previous week saw the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, the third entry in the franchise’s most recent trilogy. If you either went to see it or have plans to do so, we can’t blame you (and we won’t try to dissuade you either) because without a doubt the proposal of nostalgia and dinosaurs is almost irresistible… and the billboard right now has little or nothing better to offer.

And after thinking a lot I have come to a conclusion. Jurassic World: Dominion isn’t necessarily the worst movie in the franchise… but it’s definitely my least favorite.

Not even the dinosaurs believe it

It’s a bad sign of a movie when you first believe there’s a T-Rex eating people in a city, before the main plot of the movie.

Jurassic World: Dominion is perhaps the stupidest of all the films in the new trilogy. An achievement that seemed impossible to overcome… but here we are. The bad guy’s plan makes little or no sense, but the good guys’ plans are even worse. In fact, the plot of the story seems to be created solely to force these two generations of characters to come together without thinking twice about telling a story with half a neuron.

Jurassic World: Dominion

There’s this scene, where the bad guy in the movie hires a female mercenary to be in charge of transporting a girl. And all the foreshadowing of the scene makes her seem like the evil right-hand woman who will have some importance. At some point she proclaims that she has some raptors capable of killing in a matter of seconds just by aiming at her victim. And when they have her cornered and the blessed dinosaurs can ambush people… the movie and the bad one completely forget about it.

Jurassic World: Dominion is the same as always…only dumber

The thing with the latest Jurassic movies is that they are basically the same movie packaged into an increasingly ridiculous plot. The plot is that dinosaurs are dangerous. Then for some reason a seemingly good but we all know bad organization only to find out they’ve been giving it to them from gods and fusing Dinosaur DNA with who knows what.

Without wishing to go into spoilers, there comes a point where one of the characters in the film literally mentions that the main problem in the film was created by the same person. And it is at this moment that the film breaks the fourth wall that it recognizes the level of laziness that the plot has reached to do something remotely interesting.

It is a sin that we would forgive him if the film at least now tried to hide it. Before, at least, we had the wonder of seeing these dinosaurs for the first time. That they were the protagonists when imagining this world in which the giants of yesteryear roamed the planet. But in the most recent film the dinosaurs seem to be the least of it. The action scenes are added, but not the soul of a film whose soundtrack as children excited us with the idea of ​​one day seeing a T-Rex in person.

It’s time to extinguish the franchise

Jurassic World: Dominion is not a bad movie. But sadly, his most recent movie has me thinking it’s time to put this dinosaur to sleep. Thing is, I was at least hoping that the return of the original cast (Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, Laura Dern) meant more than just a gamble on nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake.

But the film does much less than this. For example, for some reason that escapes me, the film forces a romance between Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. An addition that not only takes away space to fix a troubled story, but reduces these characters to the film’s additional romantic comedy now that its two leads are already ‘married’. Even their appearance and backstory seems to ignore the previous movies… their adventures or the very fact that they are literally legends in this world. It’s a somewhat sad sendoff for the characters who say their goodbyes with a far less exciting or memorable movie.

Heck… Jurassic World: Dominion even screwed up the T-Rex for (the third time already?).

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