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Does your car insurance cover hail damage?

The recent hailstorms in Catalonia leave this question up in the air. Who should be responsible for hail damage: the vehicle insurance or the Insurance Compensation Consortium? We explain it to you.

It is common for storms to start at the end of August, especially in Levante, which is known as the cold drop. And these storms bring with them rain, strong winds, and sometimes hail.

This is what happened a few days ago in Catalonia, specifically in the Girona town of The Bisbal of L’Empordà, where in a few minutes they fell numerous balls of hail that caused significant damage to many vehicles. Not only broken windows, but also significant dents in the sheet metal. And the worst thing is that the weather forecast indicates that the storms, including hail, could be repeated during the weekend.

Who will cover hail damage to your car?

Well, in the face of other great inclement weather, Hail damage to your car will be covered by your insurance. ANDSo yes, as long as you have an all-risk policy and as long as it is policy has so-called ‘weather damage’ coverage.

Be careful, not all policies include it, but the vast majority of all-risk insurance from the best-known insurers does: Mapfre, Reale, Génesis, Mutua Madrileña, Regal, Pelayo, Línea Directa, Verti or Balumba, for example.

In addition, you must bear in mind that, always depending on the conditions of the policy, This coverage will only compensate you for damage caused to your vehicle by hail, snowfall or, in some companies, by winds with gusts of over 120 km/h.

If you don’t have an all-risk policy, the only option that could compensate you for hail damage (and only for broken glass) is that your insurance has coverage for moons.

It is included in any insurance third parties extended but, as always, getting those windows fixed will depend on whether or not the hail is reflected as the cause of a possible repair. Always check the fine print of your contract.

And what is the role of the Vehicle Insurance Consortium?

But, if your car does not have comprehensive insurance with weather damage coverage or not even with glass coverage, Will someone take care of compensation for hail damage to your car?

Many drivers believe that the Vehicle Insurance Consortium will do it, a government body (the only one in Europe) that is responsible for indemnifying the insured (You must have insurance with at least damage coverage -fire, theft or windows-; otherwise, you will not be compensated) of the damage caused by extraordinary claims in Spain.


In addition, the Consortium will also compensate you if, for example, a stolen or uninsured vehicle caused damage to your car, if your Spanish insurer goes bankrupt or if there are acts of terrorism, rebellions or popular riots.

But beware, because there is a problem. And it is that the Law does not consider hail as an ‘extraordinary disaster’, as it does, for example, with extraordinary floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, atypical storms, winds with gusts of more than 120 km/h, tornadoes and even falling bodies.

What’s more, hail, along with rain, non-extraordinary winds, snow and leaks, leaks or humidity; is among the exceptions contemplated by the Consortium at the time of compensation.

So, if your car has suffered hail damage, only your insurer will compensate you for it… and only under the conditions mentioned above.: if you have comprehensive insurance with coverage for weather damage or, only the repair of windows, if you have third-party insurance with coverage for windows and provided that the insurer includes hail as damage to be compensated.

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