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Does the Hipercard credit card have miles?

The Hipercard credit card is a great choice if you want to shop at the supermarket. In addition to offering various benefits, cardholders are also entitled to promotions when making purchases. Hipercard makes the entire shopping process cheaper, in addition to being a nationally known brand.

Are you interested in it? To get to know the Hipercard credit card better, we have gathered some important information and before the end of this article you will also know if it has the miles program or not.

What this article covers:

What is the Hipercard credit card?

The Hipercard credit card has a variety of advantages for its customers. It makes it easier to make installments and can be made up to 30 times.

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In addition, it allows discounts and the card bill can be paid at banks, internet banking or Walmarts.

The card has great fame in Brazil and has the best benefits for those who shop frequently in supermarkets. Below you will find out which stores are included.

What are the advantages of the Hipercard credit card?

The Hipercard credit card has several benefits for customers. Check out what they are below:

  • International Coverage;
  • Free application;
  • Virtual Card;
  • Points Program;
  • Discounts.

For those who usually shop in large supermarkets, the Hipercard credit card is ideal. The card offers good discounts for those who usually shop at BIG chains.

  • Sam’s Club;
  • Maxxi;
  • National
  • Hyper Bompreço;
  • Walmart;
  • BIG;
  • Super Price;
  • Everyday.

The discounts are usually large, so for those who already have the Hipercard card, shopping at the places mentioned above is a good option for savings.

If your card limit is low, you can request an increase through call center??

This request is subject to credit analysis, which means that the increase may not be carried out.

If the increase is not accepted, there is no need to give up the card, as an increase can be requested in the future. So keep using the card. That way, the chances of an increase will be greater.

Does the Hipercard credit card have miles?

For those looking for a credit card with miles that can be exchanged for airline tickets, unfortunately the Hipercard card does not yet have this feature.

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So if you’re looking for a card with the option to earn miles, this isn’t ideal for you.

Currently, the Hipercard credit card only allows the accumulation of points through the registration of the Mastercard Surpreenda program.

How to request a Hipercard credit card invoice?

Having access to the Hipercard credit card bill is very easy. Check out how to do this below:

  • Access the Hipercard application;
  • Click on Invoice;
  • Select the month;
  • Select “Open 2nd copy”.

Once this is done, just take the barcode number or print it to make the payment.

Hipercard credit card call center

The Hipercard credit card also offers some main means of contact for customers or for anyone wishing to apply for a card.

  • SAC: 0800 724 4845
  • Who has hearing or speech impairment: 0800 724 4838
  • Ombudsman: 0800 570 0011

All of the above service channels are available 24 hours a day. It is important to write them down if you already have a card or if you are interested.

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