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Does sick pay count as contribution time?

Sickness allowance is a benefit provided by the INSS for workers who, due to illness and/or accident, are unable to carry out their work duties. In this way, the worker continues to receive even away from his activities.

During the period in which he is on leave and his work contract is suspended, the insured person does not need to pay the INSS – not least because, at that time, he receives through the Institute to the detriment of what he has already paid before, while working.

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When I receive sick pay, do I need to pay the INSS?

Despite not having to pay for the INSS while receiving it, a decree n. 10,410/2020 was issued in which this possibility may occur.

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One of the advantages is that this amount will be accounted for to receive future benefits, such as retirement. This is because the average salary will increase, which does not occur when the contribution is suspended.

Does sick pay time count towards retirement?

Many people are in doubt about the period of receipt of the INSS, and whether this will be accounted for in retirement.

The answer is yes, the time the insured person is away from his activities, but receiving from the INSS counts as contribution time.

For this to happen, when the insured stops receiving from the INSSit is necessary for him to resume his work activities.

For self-employed people, it is enough to collect it using the GPS, Social Security Guide when you finish receiving the sick pay.

Who pays the sick leave or accident at work contribution?

All employees with a portfolio pay the INSS, the amount of which is deducted from the payroll at each receipt. The amount of the discount will vary according to the salary range. Those who receive up to R$1,751.81, for example, have an 8% discount.

Contracting companies are responsible for calculating discounts and making payments to the INSS.

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