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Does Edson Álvarez go with bad intentions to his duels? Rival of the Mexican questioned the way of playing of the “Machín”

Edson Álvarez is one of the main pieces of Ajax Amsterdam.

Photo: MAURICE VAN STEEN/Getty Images

Edson Álvarez is one of the best footballers for Ajax Amsterdam and the Eredivisie. The young Mexican soccer player has been a fundamental piece in the season for the Dutch team. But there are some players who They question the way the “Machín” playsamong them Oussama Tannanefootballer who considers that the Aztec has intentionally aggressive tackles.

In an interview with ESPN, Tannane, NEC player, analyzed a clash inside the field with Edson Álvarez. The Moroccan footballer believes that the “Machin” went with his elbow directly to hit him. Tannane accused the Mexican of attacking him on purpose.

I turned around and he (Edson Álvarez) put his elbow on my head. They all saw it. He did it on purpose, he did it on purpose. But I’m Tannane, right? It always happens to me, I’m used to it. I don’t have to say anything else, everyone could see this“, explained the Moroccan footballer.

Edson Álvarez has not been “caught” in the Netherlands

Despite the accusations of the Moroccan, Edson Álvarez has not been sent off so far this season with Ajax Amsterdam. The Mexican soccer player accumulates 8 yellow cards in 22 games played. This figure is quite acceptable when considering the defensive role that “Machín” occupies within the field. Despite the accusations of his rival, Álvarez continues to be one of the best valued players in the club and a highly desired soccer player in Europe despite his estimated value ($38 million dollars).

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