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Does CTPS count as proof of CPF status?

The CTPS is certainly one of the most important documents in the lives of Brazilians, after all, it is the CTPS that guarantees a series of labor rights for most of us and it is also where the most accurate information about our professional life can be found.

Today we will take a closer look at what the CTPS is for, what it is and especially: if it serves to somehow prove the registration status of our CPF. Be sure to check it out!

What this article covers:

What is CTPS?

CTPS is an acronym for: Work and Social Security Card. It serves to record our professional information, such as professions we work in, what functions, how much time and how much we earn.

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Nowadays technology has already reached the world of documents! And just as many of the traditional documents got their digital version, the CTPS also has a fully electronic version, making it even more convenient to use.

What is CTPS for?

The CTPS clearly has a registration character. It contains essential information about our professions. However, it has numerous other uses that descend from or are parallel to this first one.

A classic example is confirming or confronting various information alleged by employers in legal disputes or employment in general.

CPF registration status

A document that almost forms a pair with the CTPS is the CPF. After all, to have a CTPS you need to have a CPF.

However, there are some situations where the CPF is not regular and when this happens it means that there was an error in the registration, at some point some information was missing or an error was given. Let’s understand more about this situation and its relationship with CTPS.

Types of existing situations?

Knowing the status of your CPF is very easy, just access the Federal Revenue portal and check the website. By doing this you will see one of the 5 situations for a CPF:

  • Regular;
  • Pending;
  • Suspended;
  • Canceled;
  • Deceased Person’s CPF.

For every situation – other than the regular one – it is necessary to take action. As it is much easier to resolve the pending situation over the internet, if the CPF is suspended or cancelled, it is necessary to redo the entire process to obtain a CPF.

Can the CTPS prove the status of the CPF?

The CTPS is one of the documents that necessarily requires a CPF to be acquired. That’s why, yes, if you got your CTPS, it means your CPF is regular. Since if the status of your Individual document was irregular, your CTPS would be automatically barred.

CTPS can prove the status of the CPF
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If there is any irregularity with your CPF after the issuance of your CTPS, then you will have to enter the Revenue portal itself to manually check the status of your document.

If your CPF is in an irregular situation pending, you can solve it through the internet just using a photo document. And for that the CTPS serves very well! The CTPS, as well as the passport and an RG, is valid as an identification document. So if your CPF is irregular, you can enter the Revenue website and through the Work Card identify yourself and try to resolve this situation.

What is the irregular status of the CPF?

The irregular situation of the CPF, in turn, occurs when you Individual failed to declare income tax for at least 5 years in a row. Thus, your CPF is automatically placed in “pending”, and over time it may be suspended if you do not regularize it.

So don’t waste time and use your CTPS if necessary, thus regularizing your situation with the Revenue!

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