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Do you work at home? You’re going to love these Apple tricks • ENTER.CO

Did you know Apple’s tricks to be more productive with work at home? The advantages of working from home can be many and you have surely found one or another resource that can help you stay focused. But the Apple Turks may be the best, here we will share some of them with you.

The reasons why you work from home are probably because you are independent or because the pandemic allowed you to do so and you no longer want to go back to the office. Be that as it may, if you work with the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad or Mac) you should know these secrets that will help you improve your performance.

1.- Edit group notes in real time

That’s right, you can create, edit and add annotated content in real time with your co-workers. The Notes app on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS has this feature that’s especially helpful when it comes to working from home. This note will be updated every time (instantly on iPhone, iPad and Mac) and each user can see who is editing a project.

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2.- Handoff

Perhaps you have heard it before because it is one of the most useful features of the Apple ecosystem. This utility consists of being able to start working on an application and continue from where you left off, but on another device. But in order to achieve this, you should know that you have to enable it on all your devices like this: Settings> General (iOS and iPadOS) and in system references> General (macOS). Also, if you have iPad and Mac devices you can use other features like Screen Mirroring or Universal Control. With these you can work from home using the iPad screen as a secondary Mac screen.

3.- Mission Control

Constantly working from home on a Mac can be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially if you have to open many applications at the same time, so this trick will help you organize everything. With Mission Control you can create multiple Desktop versions from macOS and thus more easily manage the applications open in each of them. So you can switch from one app to another, simply by sliding three fingers to the side on the trackpad.

4. Siri

You can also always use your virtual assistant Siri to help you with some tasks. Search for information, do a mathematical calculation or open an app that you can’t. She can help with all of that and much more.

These Apple hacks are easy to incorporate into your work-at-home routine. You will surely know how to get the most out of each of them and be more productive.

Image: Jessica Lewis Creative at Pexels.com / ENTER.CO / Apple Montage

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