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Do you want to pay IMI by direct debit? You must submit the application by the 15th

The application for membership to pay IMI by direct debit is made through the Finance Portal. Find out how to do it.

According to the Tax Authority (AT)taxpayers who want to pay the IMI by direct debit must submit the application for membership by the 15th??

“If you want to make a payment by Direct Debit of a collection note whose payment deadline occurs in a given month or on the first working day of the following month, you must have your subscription process completed before the 15th of that month. Any change, to take effect, must also be carried out within the same period”, reads the document.

The AT adds that “the charge by Direct Debit must be preceded by a notice (except in the case of VAT), with the amount and date from which it will be made, which will be sent about 15 days in advance?? This notice is sent by SMS or e-mail to the contacts registered on the Finance Portal”.

If you’re interested in joining direct debit tax payments, learn how in our step-by-step guide:

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