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Do you want to improve your performance when playing? Chewing gum could be the answer • ENTER.CO

One study found that chewing gum aided gaming performance by decreasing anxiety and increasing concentration.

Playing brings out our most competitive side. Whether it’s competing with our friends in Super Smash or just trying to pass that level that seems ‘impossible’ in Cuphead. Part of the fun when playing is precisely in ‘being better’. And a life hack that many may not know is that chewing gum can help improve performance.

The information comes from a study from the University of Boise in Idaho, United States, which conducted a study to analyze how chewing gum can improve results when playing.

41 people from the Boise, ID, USA area were part of the study. Participants were tested without chewing gum for 2 weeks, then chewing gum for 2 weeks (40 days in total) and following special instructions on what to do during this period. Participants were also required to complete a survey to collect data about their anxiety levels, their current gaming performance and their regular gum-chewing habits. Then, a specific type and flavor of chewing gum was given to each one and the STAI (State and Trait Anxiety Inventory) was used, an instrument that measures anxiety levels, and that allows comparing anxiety levels before and after chewing gum.

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The study found that there is a real difference between playing without chewing gum and doing so. The reason, it seems, is that this activity can help reduce anxiety when performing activities such as playing. In the same way, the study ensures that the concentration also increases.

“Some factors that could potentially be worth considering, such as the flavor of the gum, the amount of gum chewed, and the duration of chewing, have yet to be explored. There are also several possible limitations to consider, such as a Hawthorne effect may have occurred (participants knew they had been given gum and were asked about their anxiety and performance). Naturally, an increase in game performance could have occurred. at some level, given that the more esports are played, the improvement in those esports can occur naturally”, is one of the conclusions of this study.

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