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Do you want a simple, timeless and stylish look? Hook on the black and white trend

Being stylish is far from easy, with the black and white color combination as a base you make it easy for you. A pair of high-waisted suit bras combined with a classic white shirt is just one of many timeless outfits you can choose from. Which black and white look do you like best?

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Limiting your outfit to garments consisting of just two colors comes with its clear advantages. You save an enormous amount of time when shopping and can be sure that your outfit will be perceived as stylish.

How to fix the black and white:

The office look

Black and white make a perfect contrast to each other in combination black lower part and white upper part or vice versa. And no, you can’t have too many white shirts in your wardrobe! We like to match the shirt with a pair of wide black trousers – preferably with a high waist. And you, if you want to change the shirt, a polo shirt, oversized t-shirt or blouse fits at least as well when it comes to the black and white office look.

The everyday look

Think material mix deluxe this winter and you’ll find the right one. Alternate materials such as leather with rib knit for great contrasts. You can get the perfect everyday look in no time by clicking home oversize knitted sweaters that you match with your favorite trousers.

The patterned look

Weaving the black and white trend into striped or patterned garments is a good idea as there is a plethora of garments to choose from. Dotted, striped or patterned, of course you choose yourself.

Below you will find the clothes that create the black and white look!

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