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Do you use Google Calendar reminders? now you will have to use Google Tasks • ENTER.CO

If you read ‘Google Tasks’ and ‘Google Calendar’, which do you recognize first? Surely calendar. This is because Google has given more importance to this product, but that is about to change. The company announced that ‘Google Tasks’ known as ‘Google Tasks’ will be a centralized place to manage and track tasks and lists.

But Google wants the migration not to be a headache for users. To do this, it will migrate both ‘Calendar Reminders’ and ‘Google Assistant’ to Google Tasks. That is, regardless of the product in which you wrote your task or list, you can manage them from Google Tasks. In addition, users will be able to have their tasks at hand from the Google Workspace applications, that is, Gmail, Calendar and Chat.

As reported by Google, users will be able to use the ‘Add to Tasks’ button found in Gmail. Likewise, tasks can be created directly from Google Chat and from Google Calendar as usual; that is, you can choose the day, the time and if you need it, you can be reminded of the event. Finally, users will be able to use their mobile, tablet or smart screen to create their tasks by voice thanks to the Google Assistant.

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The company reported that: “In the coming months, when you use Assistant or Calendar to create or view reminders, you’ll see a notification on your phone or computer asking you to be one of the first to try the new Tasks experience. Just open the notification to move your reminders to Google Tasks so you can manage all your to-dos in one place.”

It is still unknown when the feature will reach all users, but it is expected that we will have more news about it before the end of this year. The truth is that this is a movement that many users have been waiting for a long time, since having a single place to manage tasks is more than necessary. However, the company needs to integrate other products such as Kepp Notes.

Image: Google

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