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Do you remember Pamela? The 17-year-old girl with 7 children with 3 different men who has been missing for 10 years

Women They would do anything for love and for their children.no matter what the cost. They can lose or win in love, but they will be strong and move on with their lives.

Pamela Villaruelis an Argentine girl from 17 years old and mother of seven children. The strangest of all is that these seven children do not have the same father.

Pamela is not afraid to say that she got pregnant by three different men.


Her story was published in 2008 and spread on social media and in the press for being a brave woman.

Before having her first baby, Pamela was a normal girl. She excelled in math, she liked fashion and pop groups.

Pamela, an innocent girl from Leones, in the province of Córdoba, in northern Argentina, became pregnant for the first time at the age of 14. She thought she was her true love, but Pamela and her son were dumped by her boyfriend, who refused to identify himself because she had another relationship with a man.

After this tragedy, she met her next boyfriend. She also thought he was the love of her life. Two years after her first child, she already had two more pregnancies. In both pregnancies she carried twins.


At 16 years old and with five children, she thought her boyfriend would take care of her, but it turned out to be the opposite. Pamela became a battered woman. She was not willing to be another victim, so she asked him to leave her and her children.

When the story broke, Pamela was with her third boyfriend, with whom she also had children. She also lived with her mother who helped her at all times.


Currently, nothing is known about Pamela, after almost a decade since her story was published on the internet. Sounds like an incredible story, but Pamela proved that her children and two failed relationships couldn’t make her give up on her and force her to stop living.

The same would not have happened in other countries. In the case of the Philippines, for example, people would have judged her and separated her from society, not accepting her either in the workplace or in the social sphere.

Pamela’s case demonstrates that despite the mistakes she may have made, women should not be ashamed of their past, but rather learn from it and move on with their lives.

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