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Do you remember little Billy Elliot? Years later this is how it is now

Many years ago Jamie Bell made his film debut with the film billy elliott What was he trying to do? a child prodigy who wanted to be a ballet dancer.

A lot has happened since then and Jamie has evolved in his career, but you won’t believe the latest change the actor has had to undergo, in which he has become a skinhead. We tell you how and why.

The actor gave life to the dancer Billy Elliot

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Now the English actor has had to get into the skin of Byron Winder for the film Skin about a homeless youth, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, who wants to escape that life with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves.

The actor has gotten into the skin of a skinhead

For the role, Jamie had to fully characterize himself, which included gaining a lot of weight, dentures, eye color change, shaved head and fill the body with tattoos. The transformation has been such that the actor confessed in an interview “I have never weighed so much in my life, I am incredibly thin, just trying to gain weight was very difficult.”

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Another matter that has made it difficult for the actor is the fact of wearing the tattoos, since since they were makeup, he sometimes walked the streets with them and mentioned that “Sometimes, on the weekends, he was walking around Kingston , New York, with full characterization. It’s weird, because people don’t look at you (…) They think they are looking at a monster.

He had to radically transform for the film

For the role, Jamie has needed a lot of preparation and it is that he has even been working with Byron Winder himself and confesses that “I didn’t see myself exactly in this type of character”but affirms that he wanted to play the role because of the realism in it.

“There’s an urgency and an immediacy to this film that I don’t think I can sit and think about. It is happening now and we must do it immediately »he continued.

The film was presented on September 8 at the Toronto Film Festival where many critics applaud Jamie Bell’s performance. The rest of us have to wait a while until we can see the movie and the incredible transformation of this actor.

What did you think of the change? Will you see the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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