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Do you remember Blackberry? will now have a movie • ENTER.CO

In the years 2006-2010, there was in the whole world a phone that we all wanted: Blackberry. It was the first cell phone that, in addition to receiving and making calls, allowed you to search in web browsers, enter social networks, send emails and everything you can think of with an Internet connection. But as Gilberto Santa Rosa says, everything that goes up must fall; Although the company began to be cornered by Apple and Android for several years, until the beginning of this year they made the decision to dilute the brand. Now, the brand’s great rise and tailspin will be brought to the big screen.

Simply titled “Blackberry,” the film will detail the history of the first smartphone. The story will go from when the company was still known as Research in Motion to losing the battle against Google and Apple. As detailed in Variety, the film will be directed by Matt Johnson, known for productions such as ‘Operation Avalanche’ and ‘The Dirties’. In addition, according to the portal, the production of the film would have already finished.

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The film will star Jay Baruchel (Carousel to the End) and Glenn Howerton (The Strangers); Although not yet confirmed, both actors will most likely play the company’s founders, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. The truth is that the script for ‘Blackberry’ will be based on the book ‘Losing the Signal: The untold story behind the extraordinary rise and spectacular fall of BlackBerry’ by reporters from ‘The Globe and Mail’ published in 2016.

Said like this, it raises a question (which we will not be able to resolve yet) and that is that, until then, the company continued to operate. As I already mentioned, the company was finished just a few months ago. Said like this, will the film also talk about the end of the company? Or on the contrary, will he stay with the ending proposed by the book? Well, after 2016, the company had several attempts to revive, but failed. For now, we can only wait for more news about it, since we still need to know details such as which producer is behind the production or in what format (platform) it will be available.

Image: Pexels

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