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Do you pay with Nequi or Daviplata? These safety tips are for you • ENTER.CO

The use of digital wallets such as Nequi or Daviplata has quickly become popular in Colombia. In fact, according to a Colombia Fintech report published by Valora Anatik, in 2021 the volume of transactions grew 195%. This makes it necessary for you to take some security measures when using these platforms.

In principle, the popularity of these payment methods is due to the ease with which they can be used. Also the comfort of having them always at hand on the cell phone. In Colombia there are many platforms such as Daviplata, Nequi, tpaga, TuyaPay, Payválida, SuRed App, Cobru, Movii, dale!, Powwi and Ding, for all of them the same security principles that we will give you below apply:

  1. The password: Each of the passwords you use in your accounts must be unique and have levels of protection. It is recommended to use alphanumeric keys.
  2. Change your keys: From time to time you should change your keys and do not use the same password for more than one application. You must have a different key for each digital wallet you have.
  3. Do not share information: Do not share your personal information over the phone, or in person, or by any other means. If you write it down somewhere, check that it is not available to other people.
  4. Download trusted apps: Do not download wallets or applications that are outside the stores of your cell phone. Always verify that they are original applications.

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  1. Keep your phone up to date: The cell phone where you have the digital wallet is the first security barrier. Keeping the mobile OS updated is important to avoid malware attacks.
  2. Do not use public Wi-Fi networks: When you need to make a financial transaction with your digital wallet, do not use public networks. These networks are not secure.
  3. Write down numbers of your entities: In the event of theft, it is always a good idea to have the contact numbers of your financial institutions at hand, so you can communicate with them and block your products before they are stolen.
  4. Do not accept unknown files: By regularly using your cell phone, do not accept files or connections from people you do not know. These types of files can have malware with which they can steal all your passwords.

By following these security tips you can have greater peace of mind when doing financial operations with your digital wallet and protect your money from cybercriminals.

Image: Biljana Jovanovic on Pixabay

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