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Do you know what the messy room says about you?

Is what you see in your resting place disorganized or just laziness? Realize what the messy room says about you.

It is usually said that we are what we design and that our homes completely reflect our personality. But is it really possible for us to know what a messy room says about you?

When it comes to the bedroom, we automatically think: “I’m not organized at all” or “I like to keep everything in order in my bedroom” – isn’t that right? Apparently, the tendency is for us to immediately reflect what we truly think about our space.

Many people tend to say that they are not at all organized in their rooms, but that they find it beautiful to see impeccable rooms in magazines and photographs on social networks. However, they end up saying that “it’s not for me”.

The reasons for disorganization prevailing in your room can be several and while for some, organization is synonymous with relaxation, for others living in disorganization can bring them exactly the same feeling.. There are those who say that having a messy room allows them to give wings to creativity, even.

The truth is that rooms can say a lot about people. And often, much more than we imagine.

What does a messy bedroom say about you?

If you also want to know what the messy room says about you, then you are in the right place.

Do you have a habit of leaving the room with scattered clothes, objects on the floor or the bed unmade? Do you tend to leave it untidy? Well, know that when our rooms are disorganized, they are basically a reflection of who we are.

Contrary to what many people might thinksleeping in an organized place can contribute to the hygiene and mental health of each one of us. And especially in moments of greater anxiety and tension, this is reflected in the organization of the room.

That is, what we mean is that deep down, the internal situation in which each one of us finds himself at the moment, can lead us to this type of disorganization – as a reflection of the disorganization we go through or deal with in our life.

For example: in many cases, someone with depression he tends to externalize his pains through a room that is very untidy and completely disorganized. And this type of behavior and attitude will make the person wake up tired.

Be aware of possible factors that may be associated

The truth is that regardless of what we may think, a messy room can result from many factors. From lack of time to keep it clean and tidy, overwork or even having small children at home.

We all know that it is not always possible to keep the rooms properly arranged as we would like. But the big problem arises when this disorganization becomes part of your day-to-day life – almost as if it were a routine.

Which makes us think about this issue and question whether in fact the mess in our room could be somehow related to our mental health.

There is no concrete answer. However, in some cases the lack of organization may indeed be associated with a psychological condition (whether momentary or prolonged).

There are several people who accumulate objects to the point that they are no longer able to organize themselves inside their own rooms. And the result of this type of condition is precisely a huge amount of things that make living inside the room practically impossible.

Having a messy room can be a sign of creativity for many.

And if for some living in disorganization can cause severe anxiety and total panic, for others the disarray and the fact of having things “out of place” makes them feel at peace and calm, even promoting creativity.

Therefore, if you are also part of the group of people with messy rooms, the important thing is to understand whether it is due to lack of time, indifference, because you feel more creative and productive or due to some mental disorder or difficult situation you may be going through. .

It is important to note that for some people lack of care does not necessarily mean lack of dedication. Incidentally, an example of this are the office desks of several people, full of paperwork, envelopes, files and folders where only they know exactly where each paper is found in the middle of their disarray.

Two warning signs to watch out for

As we mentioned, having a messy room is not always a sign of sloppiness or lack of cleanliness. However, the origin may lie in other types of problems that, at the moment, we may even end up not noticing.

If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or angry about the clutter in your bedroom, this is a clear sign that you need to address the situation.

Sometimes the mess can be really frustrating and it’s not always easy to figure out where to start – which can make your mental state even more complicated.

Therefore, know how to recognize the signs and gain strength to restore order in your space.


Does not feel like doing anything, feels sad and discouraged

When it comes to someone who has always kept the room properly organized, without clothes lying around and with the bed always made, and suddenly starts to change these behaviors, it is important to be aware.

When suddenly, for different reasons or situations in life, we start to feel sad and unwilling for anything, our rooms can reflect our mental state.. If this is the case for you, talk to a friend or your doctor and try to gradually change your habits.

However, if you know that your messiness is normal for you, then most likely this is your normal state.. In this case, if the person feels good in the midst of disorganization, it probably means just one of the signs of his personality.

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