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Do you know what the hole in the padlocks is for? (Not to open it)

In the digital age, we still depend on many occasions on this small object that helps us keep something precious or, in some cases, seal eternal love on the bridge on duty.

If you are one of those who is quiet in the gym in the morning knowing that a padlock protects your most precious belongings, from now on you will think twice about leaving your wallet and mobile phone in the locker while you do your exercises on the treadmill. Or not.


The mechanism is quite simple. With the key you open and close the padlock, without the key, everything is secured. But have you ever noticed the little hole next to the key slot? What is it for?


As expected, in the Online world, where padlocks are nothing more than an emoticon, there are millions of theories about the use of this hole. The most popular is that for emergencies, where the key has been lost, a clip can be inserted and the key fob will open.

If it opens with that hole, why do you need the key?

Well, the explanation is simpler. The hole is not to insert anything, much less as a security measure to open the lock. The small hole is there for hygiene reasons.


Being an object that is usually used outdoors, rain and other factors can affect it. The small hole serves to drain any water, dust and dirt that may have accumulated inside the lock.


Now you know that not only the love you promised on that bridge will be eternal, but it will also be very clean.


Now you can go back to the gym calm knowing that the only thing you are going to find when you return to the locker is a clean padlock.

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Fountain: Quora

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