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Do you know what prefabricated houses are made of?

The search for a home is usually a goal that appeals to anyone who seeks to create wealth for their family. Known what are prefabricated houses made of and if it is safe to invest and live in one.

A fact is that we all dream of obtaining our own home, whether we have saved, or by applying for some type of credit.

But these aspects are not the only ones to take into account when planning the purchase of our heritage, there is also the dichotomy between acquiring land and starting the construction of our home from scratch, or saving this whole process and opting for a prefabricated house. .

You must consider the advantages of a prefabricated houseas well as cons; however, something you should pay more attention to is: what are prefabricated houses made ofto be able to make a safe investment and feel safe when inhabiting it.

Known what are prefabricated houses like and what materials they are made of next.

doWhat are prefabricated houses made of??

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Concrete


One of the materials that prefabricated houses are made of is concrete. It is a mixture of different materials, such as cement, sand and stones; It is often used as a reinforcement with steel.

This material is usually used for constructions such as bridges and stadiums, that is, large structures. Also for homes. It is one of the most used materials due to its malleability and the advantage of its rapid drying.

Among its advantages are:

  • Various models of reliefs, as well as colors
  • Extensive techniques for construction, correction and adaptation
  • It is long lasting
  • Does not heat up when manufactured
  • It is considered versatile, since it has plastic properties
  • Withstands nuclear radiation and maximum temperatures


If you ask yourself,what are prefabricated houses like? one of the most common answers you will hear is that they are made of steel.

What is steel? It is an alloy of iron, carbon, zinc, silicon, aluminum, among other elements.

It is the material that is most used in prefabricated houses, because it provides structure, strength and stability to the building.

These are the reasons why the approach in the prefabricated houses suit you:

  • High strength per unit weight
  • Lasting uniformity
  • It has elasticity
  • If the care of the house is correct, it will last indefinitely
  • Ductility (property that a material has to resist large deformations without failing due to high tensile stresses)
  • harbors tenacity
  • They fit very well to possible extensions
  • Very easy to join various members with easy connection, such as welding and bolts
  • Opportunity to prefabricate members
  • Efficient assembly and easy installation


PVC is a type of material that is derived from plastic and is often used for housing construction. It has the characteristic of being resistant and light, in addition, it has the benefit of having great thermal insulation, which is an advantage in extreme climates.

Because blocks that are already prefabricated are used, this type of housing is usually manufactured more quickly, thanks to the fact that already prefabricated blocks are used that are joined together. In addition, it is the plastic with the least dependence on oil.

For the construction of housing, it usually takes place in the pipe for drinking water and evacuation, in the construction of windows, doors, shutters, sheets for waterproofing roofs, coatings, floors, electrical conduit, among others.

Its advantages are:

  • It is a light, inert, resistant and innocuous material.
  • It has good fire behavior, since it does not spread the flame
  • It is waterproof, insulating, thermal, electrical and acoustic
  • weather resistant
  • It has a high transparency
  • It is good value for money
  • easy to transform
  • it is recyclable


Like steel, it is usually one of the most used materials for the construction of houses; These model houses are more common in places outside of Mexico, such as the United States or Canada.

Wood is a light material that has good support and image, as well as providing warmth in low temperatures. It is also often used for constructions that are surrounded by nature, such as forests.

The advantages of prefabricated houses made with wood are:

  • They are cheap to make, so their prefabricated sale is cheaper than those created with other materials
  • It is an insulating material, which means that it will facilitate energy saving
  • They are pleasing to the eye, since they maintain a good aesthetic
  • They are treated with fire retardant substances so that they are prepared in case of fire
  • they are cozy


Finally, another material that is usually used for the manufacture of homes for sale is concrete, in fact, it is the most used in the world for construction.

It is a material resulting from the mixture of sand, cement, gravel and gravel; To be able to use it, you only need water.

It is usually ideal for construction due to its thermal properties, a great advantage in the face of inclement weather, and you will save on maintenance over time. In addition, it is extremely easy to add any kind of finish or texture to the cement; easily adapts to the ideals of each client.

The advantages of a prefabricated house made with this material are:

  • Its great durability
  • Efficient for seismic zones
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Energy efficient and resistant to climatic variations
  • It is made up of a structure of columns, walls and concrete slabs, which infers a better quality
  • Long-term investment
  • They are safer

doAre prefabricated houses safe??

The answer is yes; as long as you question and investigate in depth about the material with which it was built, its age, as well as if it has defects or aspects that you must maintain. Check that its base, foundations, thermal insulation, energy efficiency and its diversity of materials are optimal.

In addition to making sure that it has the construction standards, and that all the materials that have been used for its realization are of quality. In addition, the effectiveness of the types of houses will also depend on their location.

Now you know what are prefabricated houses made of; your investment will be safe as long as you pay attention to details and designs. Find the ideal prefabricated home for you and your family on the portal of vivancios.

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