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Do you know what Pix’s robot is?

If you spend a reasonable amount of time on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve certainly seen a Pix bot ad. This ad usually shows a table of values, and promises that if you invest a certain amount, they will return it to you and much more (usually, the amount is the money you invested multiplied by ten).

Although the offer seems tempting, make no mistake: this is a scam, and more and more people are becoming victims of the Pix robot.

What this article covers:

The truth about Pix’s robot?

The truth about the Pix bot is that there is no Pix bot. The so-called ′′ Pix robot ′′ is simply a coup created with the aim of deceiving people and taking money from them.

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Although there are many convincing advertisements, explanations that seem real, make no mistake: each and every Pix robot is fake, and you will never receive the money you “invest”.

The Instagram scam

The most common way to publicize the Pix robot is through ads on the Instagram?? Although the default is “Pix robot”, there are numerous variations: Pix king, Pix vulture, Pix mogul, etc. It doesn’t matter the name and explanation they give you, they are all scams. As much as it is less common, ads of this same type appear on Facebook.

The Pix Robot Promise

Just as there are a wide variety of advertisements, there are a wide variety of justifications for how the scam works.

The most common is that criminals have access to bank accounts of people who have already died, and through your financial contribution they manage to pay someone to access the accounts, and so they can withdraw money from the accounts, keep a portion and give the rest to you.

Make no mistake, criminals can often even find a way to show you access to a bank account with money, but no matter what they show you, be sure: they are deceiving you.

Another common explanation is that the Pix robot makes quick and high-risk investments with your money, but because it is a robot, it calculates the bets and never loses, so this would be a kind of investment, in which after receiving the investment dividends, the scammer would take a part and give you the rest.

As we mentioned, make no mistake. Regardless of the justification given, however elaborate the explanation is, they will never refund your money and you will be at a loss.

How to protect yourself from this type of scam?

Investigate and doubt, that is the only way. There is no such thing as easy money in this world, and certainly no one would give you huge amounts of money out of sheer kindness.

How to protect yourself from this type of scam

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Don’t believe anyone who promises you a thousand reais if you give one hundred, two thousand if you give two hundred, and so on. If this kind of thing were real, we’d all be rich without any effort.

Pix’s robot is the newest form of coup in the square, and it is making a large number of victims precisely because of the promises of quick and easy money. Do not fall for these promises, as we said earlier, there is no such thing as easy money, and the more inattentive you are, the more chances there are that you will be the next one deceived.

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