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Do you know if you suffer from doomscrolling? Here we tell you • ENTER.CO

If you are one of those who continually consume content on the Internet, then you could be a potential patient suffering from doomscrolling. This situation was alerted by the international health organization and arose as a result of the confinement by COVID-19. Now you should know her better.

It is true that in the current environment all kinds of unfortunate situations happen. But from there to just consuming negative news on social networks is something else. This is precisely what doomscrolling is all about. Spending too much time consuming content just talks about how bad things are. A few months ago the term doomscrolling quickly became popular on the Internet, as reflected in Google Trends by the number of searches. This term became known as a result of the international alert when the effects of the confinement by COVDI-19 began to be seen.

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How do I know if I doomscrolling?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this situation as the tendency to continue browsing or consuming negative news. The smartphone has been the main culprit for the increase in content consumption of all kinds. For the ease of accessing them from the palm of your hand. And with the pandemic, the consumption of negative content increased. This combination caused doomscrolling to become a trend that remains today to this day.

Particularly negative events such as the pandemic or the war between Russia and Ukraine are the fundamental elements to promote the appearance of this condition. The need to know the progress of situations combined with the algorithm leads to consuming more and more content of the same nature. This leads to other situations such as anxiety attacks and depression, by continually seeing negative news. This is a natural tendency of the human being to seek answers when they are afraid and therefore those who suffer from doomscrolling must take action in time.

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