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Do you know how to move your emails from Gmail to Outlook? We explain it to you • ENTER.CO

Migrating your emails from Gmail to Outlook is possible and also very simple. If you want to do it, then pay attention that here we are going to explain step by step how to do this migration in a simple way.

Migrating emails is not an action that we do on a very regular basis. However, when we need it, we tend to think that it is a process that is going to be slow and very complex. Well, we have good news for you: it’s not complex. It is important that you know that not all applications allow you to do this inbox migration, so for this you will have to download the iOS Mail app. With this app you can make the migration very easily and it will only take a few minutes. Before explaining how to migrate, you should understand how to configure email accounts in this app.

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Set up accounts

The Mail app is installed by default on your Mac. So you only have to configure the emails as follows:

  1. Find and open the app Email on your Mac.
  2. Go up and click on Email and in Add Account.
  3. You must select the type of account (Microsoft Exchange in this case).
  4. proceed to Log in with your access credentials.
  5. Once you have the accounts in mail, click again on Mail > Preferences.
  6. Click on accounts and select the configured account.
  7. In Download attachments, verify that you have by selecting All.

You must repeat this process to set up the Gmail account (selecting Google in step 3) to have both accounts set up in the same Mail app.

Migrate emails

Once both accounts are configured, you will only have to do a few more steps to achieve the migration of your emails. It is important that you know that you can do this in both ways, that is, from Outlook to Gmail and vice versa. You will realize that it is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. open the app Email.
  2. In the left column you should select inbox in the Gmail account.
  3. Select all emails (you can use the command shift + cmd + A).
  4. Drag all emails to the mailbox of the Outlook, Exchange or Office365 account.

Just by dragging the emails from one tray to another, the migration process will start. At the bottom you will see a loading bar that will take depending on the size of your inbox. And ready! So you can pass your emails.

Image Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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