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Do you have to buy new underwear every nine months?

Videos are currently circulating on TikTok where it is claimed that women have to change their underwear every nine months, the American site writes Today. Now several experts, including cleaning expert Marléne Eriksson, are turning against the claim.

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Do women’s underwear need to be completely replaced after six to nine months? This claim has been widely circulated on TikTok, with the justification that the bacteria that end up on panties cannot be washed away.

The cleaning expert: “Invention”

However, many experts believe that this claim is not true at all. One of those who has spoken out about the whole thing is the cleaning expert Marléne Eriksson:

“What kind of invention is this?” she asks in TV4’s After five. “Are you going to buy [nya] underwear after nine months? You can wash them, right?”

Eriksson then shares his own tips when it comes to washing underwear.

According to her, it is important to wash underwear at 60 degrees – the bacteria do not disappear when you wash them at 40 degrees. Therefore, it is best to invest in cotton underwear.

Another tip is not to always tumble dry your underwear, but to hang them outside to dry sometimes:

“Then they get some fresh air too. It doesn’t hurt,” says Eriksson. “Many tumble dryers today, but you don’t have to. Everything lasts a little longer if you don’t tumble dry.”

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