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Do I despise Liga MX? MLS commissioner rules out the merger of the two tournaments

MLS is the current monarch of the Concacaf Champions League.

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Major League Soccer (MLS) and Liga MX have strengthened their ties in recent years. Both tournaments have shaken hands with million-dollar negotiations and events. In fact, there have been rumors that Both tournaments could be merged, but from the leadership of American soccer they do not consider such a union necessary.

This was stated by the MLS commissioner, Don Garber. The representative of the American tournament argued his position with the different tournaments that have already been established with teams from the two countries.

“The magic has happened. No need to combine our competitions anymorewhen we have everything in a tournament that can well be considered a League”, said the commissioner in an interview with the newspaper Universal.

MLS and Liga MX have worked together in recent years. The MLS All-Star, the Campeones Cup and the Leagues Cup They are the three strong tournaments that have participants from both championships. In this sense, the friction between the two great powers of the region is constant, not to mention the Concacaf Champions League.

Is MLS superior to Mexican soccer?

Many say that the organizers of Mexican soccer should take out the best advantage of the tournaments in conjunction with the MLS to improve from an organizational point of view. But Don Garber offered his opinion on this issue and considers that the development of Aztec football can continue to be carried out hand in hand with soccer in the United States.

“We are seeing the merger with the Leagues Cup (…) I think there is the idea that Mexico needs to learn from Major League Soccer because we are doing things better.But I don’t think that’s the reality. Together we can create dynamics in the Concacaf region where we are influential”, she concluded.

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