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DMV fees can be paid by Pix

DMV fees and fines for vehicles can be paid through Pix Guia. Among them are: second copies of documentation for cars and CNHs and much more, check it out!

This novelty started to be accepted by the State Traffic Department of Pernambuco (Detran-PE?? According to the body, this new method of payment, that of Pix, makes it easier and more agile when it comes to paying off debts, which makes it appear more quickly in the system.

According to the department, fees such as the duplicate of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV), payment of practical and theoretical National Driver’s License (CNH) exams, renewal of the CNH, communication of sale, addition of category and the PID, the International Driving Permit.

What this article covers:

How to pay DMV fines and fees through Pix

According to João Martins, Detran-PE IT manager, the process is very simple, check out the step by step:

  • You must access the Detran website;
  • Choose the service you want and generate the payment code, it is from this point that the barcode and QR Code are available;
  • With the QR Code, just scan it in your banking app in Pix mode to pay the fee or fine.

The QR Code that should be scanned, he explains, is located in the lower right corner of the screen generated by the Detran.

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Also according to the Detran-PE IT manager, with the QR Code Pix access is made available, and in parallel with the barcode that had only five payment options, this new modality provides more than 750 financial institutions registered by the Bank Central.

He also reinforces that, to complete the transaction, it is not necessary to add any other information in the application where the payment will be made, after all, through the QR Code the Detran can identify all the payer’s data, such as cell phone, CPF and the e-mail, through the relationship that exists between the code and the bank app.

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