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DJ Diplo praises Beyoncé and clears up rumors about what she allegedly said at the Grammys

Diplo was nominated this year in the category of Best Electronic Music Album.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Among the controversies that arose after the awards ceremony grammy that took place on Sunday, February 5, highlighted one that involved the American DJ diplobecause a video of the moment in which Beyonce Knowles is named the winner in the Best Dance/Electronic Music Album category. What the artist said -who was also nominated in that list- is not heard, but certain Internet users interpreted that the phrase “they bought that” came from his lips.

Now Diplo turned to his Instagram account to post a long message about it and in which he celebrated the singer’s triumph: “Beyoncé’s album was legendary (I remember that I produced some classic dance songs for her like “Till the end of time” and “Girls run the world”. What is important to understand is that his intent was 100%. She did the job, found the real producers and made classics…so she deserves her flowers…and when she won I was proud to see my nomination on screen in the big arena…”

Putting an end to speculation Diplo also clarified that what he said at the time was “I’m glad to be part of this.”including in his post a short clip in which for less than a second that phrase appears in subtitles.

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