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DIY – Tie a beautiful autumn wreath with Interflora

Welcome autumn in the very best way and tie a beautiful autumn wreath with the help of Interflora! Below we guide you on how to create a really beautiful wreath that hangs just as well outside as inside and lights up the autumn darkness.

Photo: Interflora

Bet on a fun weekend craft that will be a beautiful feature in the home! Below, with the help of Interflora, we show you how to go about tying a beautiful wreath to hang as a piece of jewelry on your front door or inside your home!

You need:

• Frame (included in crane kit)
• Metal wire (included in crane kit)
• Secateurs
• Flowers and greenery. Right now it’s fine to use hydrangea, heather and rosehips.
• Any decorations
• Straps for suspension (included in crane kit)

Photo: Interflora

Do this:

  1. Cut the flowers and the greenery you have chosen as a base into short twigs (about 5 cm long).
  2. Attach the metal wire to the frame by wrapping a few turns around it.
  3. Cover part of the frame with twigs and wrap one turn with the wire.
  4. Continue in the same way around the entire frame by covering the previous round’s thread with twigs.
  5. When the frame is completely covered, attach the wire to the back and make a small loop to hang the wreath from.
  6. If you want to decorate your wreath, you can do it now. You can, for example, tie a ribbon around the wreath and put pine cones, willow, apples and other things you like.
Photo: Interflora

Get inspired and create your own or order it home bound.

Source: Interflora

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