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Disney+ will increase its price and will also have an ad model • ENTER.CO

Disney+ is officially doing better than Netflix. This, for its users, means that the platform is ready to take things to the next stage and this means two things:

Increase the price and add an ad model.

How will Disney + go up in price?

Yes, but for now the announcement is limited to the United States. In this region, the value of the Disney + subscription will go from $7.99 per month to $10.99 per month.

That said, it is possible that in Colombia we will see a similar increase at some point. The reason Disney+ will get more expensive is because it will also launch an ad model that will cost $6.99. The company’s strategy, put simply, is to tell viewers that if they want to keep a price they’ll have to put up with advertising between Martell marathons… or pay a little more.

When would the increase in Latin America be?

We do not know. Most likely, Disney will first want to see how their plans pan out in other regions before making any adjustments in our region. In the United States, the price increase will start from December 8, with the platform giving its subscribers three months to prepare their pockets.

Why raise prices?

Right now the cost of Disney + makes it one of the cheapest streaming services. Without a doubt, this price was aimed at attracting more people and seeing itself as a much more attractive option than Netflix.

But right now the service already has people hooked. More importantly, the service right now needs to increase investment in content. This implies that the company must anticipate these expenses, as well as a decrease in the number of subscribers.

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