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During the International Comic Convention in San Diego, California (SDCC), it was confirmed that the Disney+ Spider-Man: Freshman Year series will premiere in 2024. The novelty will be Charlie Cox who will reprise the character of Daredevil.

The announcement of Charlie Cox’s return as Daredevil comes a few weeks after it was reported that Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio would be returning and reprising their roles as Daredevil and Kingpin in Disney+’s upcoming live-action series Echo. The prequel series to be made by Disney+ are inspired by the MCU Spider-Man in his first year of high school. An interesting point of this confirmation is that no trailer for the series was shown during the presentation. However, it is still a long time before its premiere in 2024.

In this same event, the designs of the most classic villains of the ‘wall-crawler’ were presented, such as Doctor Octopus, The Chameleon, Rhino and Scorpion, who will also be part of the new saga. Of course, the appearance of the main character of the series, Peter Parker, was also revealed. By the way, this series has already confirmed its second season called Spider-Man: Sophomore Year. It will be set in Peter Parker’s sophomore year of high school.

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During the announcements, no trailer for the series was presented and it was not confirmed whether Tom Holland is going to be the actor who will play Peter Parker in the animated series. Because the actor would be thinking of taking a break from acting and his role as Peter Parker in the MCU. Nor was he the one who voiced the anthology version of Disney+’s What If. It was also not confirmed if any of the other actors who were part of the films would return to give their voices to the animated version.

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