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Discover which signs are the most ill-considered of the zodiac

The most evil signs of the zodiac, far from being pessimistic, have an imagination that remains on the edge of perversity, the twisted and the dark. It is not that they are bad, much less victims of a mental disorder, astrology says that their humor can be chillingly black or they believe that goodness is not in all people.

They often confuse being realistic with being negative. When they wait for news, they are inclined to predict the worst results or doubt that a person is acting selflessly. According to a ranking of the Black Horoscope site, these are the most misguided signs of the zodiac.

In the first place is located Taurus. When he thinks about problems, he often thinks there is a twisted goal behind them.. As an earth sign, you give a lot of thought to a single issue, and all paths lead to a fatal conclusion. While it’s true that this way of thinking has helped you get out of trouble, it can also keep you away from special people.

The reason Scorpio comes second is because have a hard time trusting others. He often believes that people are plotting against him and has the uncanny ability to take anything they tell him the wrong way.

Although they are not extremist like the first two places, Cancer questions the good intentions of people, especially when it comes to romance. She doesn’t want his heart to be hurt, so she anticipates believing that his suitors’ intentions aren’t the best, until they prove otherwise.

Fourth place goes to Pisces who, despite being quick to trust everyone, has a dark side that is hidden within. It is the most dreamy sign of the zodiac, and sometimes these fantasies can be the most twisted and on several occasions do not correspond to reality.

In fifth place is Leo. When your leadership, ego, or pride is threatened, your thinking moves to the extreme of believing that the person in front of you is doing it to harm you.. The problem is when it is your loved ones who take that position because it can hurt them emotionally.

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