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Discover which signs are the most hypocritical of the Zodiac

A hypocritical person is one who acts falsely, pretends to be something that he is not, pretends what he feels and is not consistent between what he says and what he does. It turns out that in the horoscope there are signs of the zodiac that tend to behave that way and astrologers explain why.

Of course, this does not mean that people belonging to these zodiac signs are always hypocrites, but they may have greater predisposition to be false with other people.

According to astrologers, all the signs have a degree of hypocrisy, each one adopts a false attitude when they do not want to reveal something that embarrasses them or want to hide certain weaknesses.

The level of falsehood that we commit depends on the circumstances, however, the signs below can stay in that role much longer than the rest, that’s why they are considered the most hypocritical of the zodiacaccording to the opinion of astrologer Susan Taylor in Astrofame.

In the first place, the astrologer placed Sagittarius, considering that it is the least frank of all the signs of the Zodiac. When are they driven by their own ambitions You can lie or pretend to climb to the top. Although the archer is a sign that candidly expresses his emotions, it is not if he has a hidden lucrative interest.

When he has a Machiavellian target in front of him, his darker personality comes out. Gemini is a dual sign to which it is easier for him to show the face that best suits him; if his intentions are perverse, he can become very hypocritical. “Mercury, the planet of communication, which makes you good at communicating your ideas and choosing which face to present to the other person,” Taylor noted.

The case of Pisces is curious. He is the most empathetic and kind sign of the Zodiac, but when he is in front of people who are not to his liking can masterfully pretend to be nice just to not show his true feelings towards them. That is why it is part of this astrological ranking.

People ruled by Libra seem sweet and harmless, but we should not be fooled by their friendliness. According to the astrologer, they hate disappointing people and in their need to please, they can become people they are not. In this sense, Libra is hypocritical because he wants everyone to like him.

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