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Discover what the dream wedding would be like according to your zodiac sign

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The start of a new year also implies for many couples the opportunity to access the next level in their romantic relationships.

However, the sign that governs some couples comes to influence the choice of type of wedding they plan to carry out.

Just as there are cases where formality and dream celebrations must predominate to celebrate the union of two souls, there are also those who favor simpler events and even out of the ordinary according to what the signs that govern them dictate.


The representatives of this sign they are generally inclined to choose to hunt in a place where nature is the protagonist, but not to the extreme of choosing a jungle or a high mountain.
Usually, a beach with the sea as a witness is usually the right place to swear eternal love.


His romantic personality and the fact that it turns out to be a moment similar to a fairy tale, ends up pointing out that the place to celebrate your nuptial link is a traditional church full of flowers and a huge room to look impeccable before the guests.


The conservative style has never been related to this sign and less in the concept of organizing a wedding, since the importance points more to holding a party in a place where everyone feels comfortable celebrating without inhibitions in the heat of a few drinks and with music to dance until dawn if possible.


Simplicity tends to prevail in the matrimonial bonds of a Cancerian, where a small number of guests is usually observed in small and cozy places where to celebrate the bride and groom it’s the main thing.


Remote is the possibility that a person ruled by Leo agrees to their wedding taking place in a closed space, since True to his personality, he prefers open spaces, where a special connection with nature arises, such as gardens.


Although they usually have a large number of friends on their agenda, Virgo-ruled people ultimately They celebrate their weddings in a simple way in cozy places where they can have a good time without wasting so much money.


To try to maintain a balance between their taste for what is beautiful, but also simple, generally the representatives of this sign sThey tend to lean towards the common type of wedding that takes place every week in most cities around the world.


The wild personality that he manages to contain contrasts with the choice of the type of wedding that he ends up having. A simple church and a bohemian place to celebrate with close relatives and some friends usually influence the choice of the wedding celebration.


A rustic, original and unforgettable place, where guests feel at home generally ends up being chosen to swear eternal love until dawn and to the beat of music.


A nice and big place, where everything looks impeccable so that the guests do not stop remembering it for yearsis decisive to carry out the celebration after a link in front of the altar.


A discreet site with few guests who witness the exchange of votes in front of a judge, It is generally chosen by Aquarians more focused on celebrating without so much formalism.


Getting married is not done every day and it is well worth spending what is owed so that the largest number of guests can attend the wedding. So their weddings end up taking place in large places, where food and drinks abound until dawn.

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