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Discover unexpected uses of hair conditioner in home cleaning

The newsroom of Still there’s time brings an update on the 11 unsuspected uses of conditioner.

we use shampoo and conditioner every day, or in any case very often, so it is likely that they are two products that are never lacking in our homes. Everyone has their favorites depending on the characteristics of their hair, but more or less most of these cosmetic products have many components in common.

In addition to using them for the care of the hair, they can be useful allies in some housework , especially when we don’t have the related cleaning products on hand or if we want to try alternatives that sometimes work better than others. Read on to learn more.

If we only know its use to bring more manageability, volume or shine to the hair, the conditioner is not limited to just that. As proof, here are 11 unsuspected uses of conditioner

wash fine clothes

Mix a tablespoon of hair conditioner in a basin of water can be very effective for washing clothes made of fine fabrics such as cashmere or silk.

Conditioner as laundry detergent

Mix the conditioner, with water and vinegar in equal proportions, to obtain a very effective fabric softener.

The conditioner to repair a deformed garment

In a bowl of cold water, add 1/4 cup of conditioner. Lay out your clothes on top of a towel large and gently stretch the clothes before air drying them.

Leather boot care

With plenty of wax, the conditioner is ideal for protecting leather boots and giving them a beautiful shiny appearance.

Conditioner to remove a temporary tattoo

Replace soap with conditioner to remove your temporary tattoos much faster.

Conditioner as makeup remover

A few drops of conditioner are enough to purify the skin. Apply it to a cotton pad and gently rub your face with it. Pay attention to his eyes.

Cuticle care

Hydrate your cuticles with conditioner. Is fast !

Shave without irritation

Replace your shaving foam with a conditioner for a good skin protection against irritations.

Conditioner to prevent oxidation

Conditioner protects and prevents metal oxidation.

He unclogs the pipes

The conditioner is absolutely perfect for unclog drains. Pour a little and for a few minutes… Pour hot water over it.

Keep your houseplants healthy

Conditioner is the surefire way to make your plants shine again. First dust the leaves with a banana peel, then pour some hair conditioner and a small amount of mayonnaise. Gently clean the leaves.

For wool laundry

If you are not satisfied with the success of the clothes, try washing them (by hand or in the washing machine) using shampoo and conditioner. You don’t need much and you can use shampoo instead of regular detergent and a small amount of conditioner as a softener. Measurements depend on the number of items to be washed, but perhaps you could try hand washing just one sweater first, in warm, not hot, water, using a little shampoo and then a smaller amount (about half) of conditioner. If you use these remedies in the washing machine, add the conditioner before the rinse phase.

To wash makeup brushes and sponges

It is one of the most well-known and certainly effective methods. The bristles of the brushes are washed with shampoo just like you do with our hair, but the sponges are also like new. Ideally, this should be done after every use, but it’s really impractical, so if you use these accessories often, remember to wash them once a week: the skin on your face and eyes will be grateful. Also make sure to always rinse them well, as shampoo has a slightly stronger pH than skin soaps and can dry out in the long run.

To prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up

One of the most amazing tricks on the net to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up when showering or bathing in the bathtub. it is similar to using shaving cream. Even with shampoo, in fact, it seems that a similar result can be obtained. Put some shampoo on a slightly damp cloth (it shouldn’t be wet) and rub all over the glass, then use another slightly damp cloth and rub to remove the product. In fact, an invisible film will remain that will prevent the mirror from fogging up. Have you ever tried?

Other uses:

  • for cuticles of nails: instead of special creams, when you don’t have them, you can use a conditioner tip, rubbing on the cuticles.
  • for untangle hair : Fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of conditioner (very little), shake to mix well, and spray onto knotted hair.
  • Against the hair static electricity : Put just a drop of conditioner in one hand, rub your palms together to distribute between both hands, then apply to hair to neutralize static electricity for more disciplined hair. Don’t overdo it or they will look too fat.
  • built-in zipper : Instead of a bar of soap, you can use a drop of shampoo to lubricate a stuck zipper, just rub on both sides.

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