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Discover the way to the natural pool of Serra da Freita

You can reach the natural pool of Serra da Freita, following the path of Aldeia de Drave. The route is easy and the views breathtaking.

If you love to venture out and get to know a little more about our wonderful country, the secret trail to Serra da Freita natural pool that we are about to show you is, without a doubt, the ideal program for you.

For anyone who is a fan and practitioner (even a beginner) of trekking?? this is an easy route and the effort is amply rewarded by the magnificent views of both the pool and the waterfall.

Serra da Freita: Drave Village Trail

This trail is part of the trails of the Geopark of Arouca, in Aveiro, and is recommended for those who want to explore Serra da Freita. The starting point of the trip is the village of regoufe and this path is signposted, with a length of 8km (including the return).

It is estimated that it can be done in about 3 hours and is classified as being easy to perform (despite its maximum altitude of 720m).

Trail start | Regoufe (next to the chapel): in this area, take the opportunity to see the stone houses of this predominantly rural village. Don’t worry, because the way to the bridge that crosses the Regoufe stream is very quick. Take the opportunity to take a look at the Mines of Poça da Cadelafrom which tons of tungsten were exported during the Second World War.

Bridge crossing: at this stage, you will find a slightly steep climb, surrounded by typical local flora such as brambles, oaks, eucalyptus or pine trees. Take the opportunity to admire it as you reach the top, where you will be able to enjoy an incredible view over Regoufe and Serra da Freita.

Descent to the shale hills: from here the path is always downhill – which is always great news! Observe the undulating shale mounds until you reach draw, also known as the “magic village”. Its stone walls paint an uninhabited area, but which is in the process of being requalified by scouts.

End of the Rail | River route and descent to Ribeira de Palhais: there you will finally find the wonderful natural pool of Serra da Freita, as well as a stunning waterfall.

To return is simple: you just have to do the same trail, only in the opposite direction.

General information

  • Location: Drave, Arouca, Aveiro
  • Distance: 8 km (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Training: Trekking

Dedicate some time from your holidays or take a weekend getaway to the village of Drave – remote and uninhabited -, but which holds some of the greatest beauties of our country.

Challenge a group of friends and take this trail to the natural pool of Serra da Freita and let yourself be dazzled by the simple but always magnificent charms of Nature. Practice sports, while getting to know a little piece of paradise on earth.

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