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Discover the Top 4 Ways

How to make money with bitcoins can be a big question for many people, but it is not that complicated to acquire the coins, use them and then transfer them. It’s an interesting method of controlling your own money online.

What this article covers:

What are bitcoins and what is their purpose?

Bitcoin is nothing more than a digital currency that does not require others to make it work. In this case, there is no need for banks or the government to carry out any movement of their own money. Unlike the real thing, bitcoin is, in fact, your own money. This is the world’s first cryptocurrency, and for eight years it has been running at breakneck speed without ever crashing.

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This cryptocurrency offers its owner many advantages, among them the fact of having complete freedom to make your payments, having a lower rate, in addition to having security and total control over your expenses.

Unlike real and other currencies, bitcoin cannot be picked up by any entity, that is, you have the opportunity to send it to anyone and pay very small fees. Because it is secure due to its cryptography, it is always possible to carry out safe and practical negotiations.

How does the bitcoin buying and selling market work?

You must register to purchase cryptocurrencies, then insert an amount of money into the X brokerage account to be able to place a purchase order to get the cryptocurrency you want. In this market there is traditional bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, XRP which would be Ripple and litecoin.

If you do not want to buy, but sell bitcoins, you must transfer the amount to your wallet present on the platform, but be aware that during transfers there will be a fee to be charged.

What income can bitcoins have?

Currently, it is possible to verify that there is a high percentage yield of bitcoin of 116%, but it ends up being passed by Ethereum, one of the most famous cryptocurrencies on the market, which managed to reach the top with 419%, according to the raking done by investors.

The beaten value of bitcoin went from US$ 66 thousand, which here in Brazil would be something like R$ 355,799.37. The currency is extremely valued, and has a percentage of 53.75%.

It will be possible to check 4 different ways to get money only with bitcoin, patience and dedication on your part, as this will help you in this journey with digital currencies. Look:


This is one of the best known ways to get bitcoins, which can be converted into the currency you want through mining.

The service consists of maintaining hardware to carry out mining over the network, to audit all transactions. Because of this work done, all miners will be rewarded with small portions of bitcoin to help them as an incentive.

Fully valued price

The most practical way to get the bitcoin, is through the variation of active values. Think, for example, that you buy bitcoins worth BRL 100,000.00 and sell them for BRL 164,000.00, and therefore, the amount collected would have been 64% of the investment.


Another interesting way to earn money with bitcoins would be through payments, and some products/services accept this method, as is the case with MasterCard, Microsoft, Visa and PayPal. A country that accepts payments with this cryptocurrency would be El Salvador. Think that, in this case, you could accept bitcoin for products that are sold by you and/or services.


How to make money with bitcoins can be a question but there is a different way which would be with loans. You lend the cryptocurrencies to other people, and you will be charged interest for that period the coins were used.

These are the main ways to earn money with bitcoin and be able to profit in the digital world without any problems.

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