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Discover the Superdigital credit card

The Superdigital credit card is a choice for those with negative credit and offers many benefits to its customers. Despite not being as well known as other competitors, the Superdigital credit card is here to stay and promises to contribute to your life and your purchases.

Check out more about the Superdigital credit card and all the benefits offered by this card.

What this article covers:

What is the Superdigital credit card?

The Superdigital credit card works as a prepaid card. With it, you can recharge and use it normally in establishments in Brazil and abroad. It is an interesting option for negatives, as it does not consult the SPC and Serasa.

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An interesting point is that this credit card has a limit of R$5000 per day and if you wish, you can ask for a higher limit directly through the call center.

What are the benefits of the Superdigital credit card?

For those looking for incredible benefits, the Superdigital credit card is an interesting option. Check out some advantages that this card can offer you:

Approval of negatives

With the prepaid card, Superdigital does not consult the SPC/Serasabeing a good one for those with negative credit.

free of annuity

One of the biggest attractions of the Superdigital credit card is the fact that it is free of annual fees. In addition, he also has no interest on late payments. It’s a great option for those who tend to curl up with invoices.

National and international purchases

For those who don’t give up the famous shopping in foreign stores, the Superdigital credit card will help you. With it you can make national and international purchases and are free of exchange rates.


Another facility is that with this credit card, you have access to a physical card and up to 10 virtual cards, requested directly by the application. All this for free, without having to pay anything else for the cards.

Tracking through the app

All transactions and purchases can be tracked directly through the application. In a few minutes, you can monitor not only your balance, but also recharge prepaid cards, request virtual cards and control everything easily and quickly.

Discounts at partner stores

With your Superdigital card you also get discounts at several partner stores, perfect for those who like to save money.

points program

By having the Mastercard flag, it is possible to register your credit card in the Mastercard Surpreenda points program, where each purchase is transformed into 1 point, which can be used in purchases or services.

How to get the Superdigital credit card?

As it is a prepaid credit card, it does not require a credit check, which is another facility and speeds up the process. After registration, normally the deadline for your card to arrive is 10 business days, but it can be anticipated.

How to get the Superdigital credit card

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How to order your Superdigital credit card?

To apply for your new card, just enter the website and open your account, if you don’t have one. And then just fill in the details correctly, make your first deposit and wait for the card to arrive.

Currently, this credit card has only one flag, which is MasterCard. Learn more about it and the benefits it can provide you.

MasterCard Flag

With the Mastercard brand, you get many benefits and discounts at stores such as Extra, Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Natura, Renner and several others.

In addition to the possibility of registering for the points program and transforming your purchases into exclusive benefits.

This is a possibility for those who are negative or even for those who want to keep their expenses under control. It is also interesting to be used on trips, with more security than carrying cash.

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