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discover the magic of this medieval town in Alsace

Let yourself fall in love with Colmar, the capital of Alsace wines, which seems to come straight out of a true fairy tale. To not lose.

who passes by Colmaryou can easily understand why the third largest city in Alsace was the inspiration for the film disney🇧🇷 the beauty and the Beast🇧🇷

This city, located in the border region between France and Germany, is the result and combination of the culture of both countries. Conquered by the French in 1673, it was later claimed by the Germans in 1871.

It remained German until World War I, when it was returned to the French. It came to be temporarily occupied by the Germans during World War II.

It is characterized by its colorful houses, vineyards that surround it and the river that crosses it, as if it came out of a true fairy tale.

Prepare your cell phone’s memory, take an extra card or two, because it will be difficult not to photograph every corner. And we whet your appetite!

Things to do in Colmar

Any time is a good time to visit Colmar. If in summer the blue sky and sunny days make magnificent postcards, in winter the city is invaded by the smell of hot chocolate and Christmas decorations.

The city is known for hosting one of the most iconic European Christmas markets, when its houses are decorated with lights.

Although Colmar is not rich in attractions or museums, there is no shortage of scenic places to visit. The city streets are filled with colorful houses, with wooden shutters and flower-covered windows. Some buildings are decorated with hanging lamps, clocks or other decorative objects.

As far as shopping is concerned, the streets are also full of shops with local products, such as chocolate, wine and antiques.

Take a boat trip through La Petite Venise

The streets of Colmar are crossed by a small canal, which runs between the Saint-Pierre bridge and the Rue des Tanneurs.

Get to know the city in a different way, and take the opportunity to take a boat trip.

La Petite Veniseis one of Colmar’s business cards, and the Quai de la Poissonnerie It is one of the most visited places for the view it offers over the city.

Colmar is considered the wine capital of Alsace

visit the Quartier des Tanneurs

After the boat ride on the La Lauch River, walk to the Quartier des Tanneursanother of the most charming areas of the city.

Located in the heart of the historic center of Colmar, this area is known for the famous colorful houses with wooden details, typical of the region. These buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries, and were meticulously restored in the 1970s.

This area got its name thanks to the leather masters who lived there, and who used the roofs of their houses to dry the hides.

Discover the Churches of Saint Matthieu and saint martin

Despite its small area, Colmar features two imposing 13th-century churches.

the church of Saint Matthieu, built in 1292, underwent several renovations over time, and part of it was converted into a hospital in the 16th century. Be sure to take a look at its organ which hosts the annual Colmar International Music Festival.

Already saint martinbuilt between 1235 and 1365, is characterized by its Gothic style in red and gold tones.

Taste the local delicacies on a picnic

Visiting Colmar means stumbling across shops rich in local products. Be sure to taste its white wine, cheeses, charcuterie, chocolate and regional pastries.

Recover energy having a picnic in the many green areas that the city offers, or by the river.

Explore the Museum uninterlinden

With almost more than 7 thousand years of history, the Museum uninterlinden offers a wide chronology of works, from prehistory to contemporaneity. Visit exhibitions on winemaking in medieval times, ancient Alsatian artifacts and mosaics, and works by artists such as Monet.

One of the museum’s main works is the two-sided painting on articulated panels, Isenheim Altarpiece🇧🇷

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In addition to the works on display, the museum itself is a work of art. The main area, which houses the work altarpieceis a 13th-century Dominican convent and chapel with a central courtyard.

The museum also features an underground gallery, with a more recent wing where works of modern art and temporary exhibitions are located.

Indulge in the Alsace wine route

After exploring the city, be sure to explore the surrounding towns along the Alsace wine route.

Rent a bike at Colmar train station and ride 7 kilometers to Eguisheim🇧🇷 You will quickly understand why this small wine town was named France’s favorite city in 2013. With just 1500 inhabitants, it is home to 33 winemaking centers that can be visited.

Be sure to do a tasting, as most offer wine tastings to their visitors.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, be sure to visit Colmar on your next trip to France. Don’t forget to take space in your suitcase, because it will be difficult to resist the typical products of the region.

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