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Discover the history and importance of the Union of Insurance Brokers

It is very common, not only in Brazil, but all over the world, for workers of different categories to come together because of their common interests, these associations, for the most part, aim to guarantee better working conditions, salary improvements and other benefits such as health care for workers and their families, these associations are called trade unions.

In Brazil there are different professions and trades, and each one of them has its union to help in the search for better working conditions and it is no different with insurance brokers, so let’s get to know SINCOR, the union responsible for this category of workers.

What this article covers:

What is SINCOR?

In our country, insurance has been commercialized since the beginning of the 19th century, with the opening of Brazilian ports to the world, in a short time the market expanded and the professional responsible for commercializing insurance found himself in a situation where he needs to specialize each this also demanded better working conditions, and it was then that in 1932 SINCOR was founded in Rio de Janeiro, which would be the first union of insurance brokers in all of Brazil.

SINCOR RJ: the first representation of the category in Brazil

SINCOR RJ was the first union especially dedicated to the interests of professionals working in insurance sales in Brazil, since 1932 acting to defend, together with governments and professional associations, legislation with greater transparency, development and strengthening of the insurance market.

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In 1964, 32 years after its founding, insurance brokers in Rio de Janeiro achieved, through the dedication of SINCOR RJ, the recognition and regulation of the profession, a major milestone in the history of the sector. But its achievements did not stop there, since its foundation until now, SINCOR RJ remains faithful to its values, remains in constant vigilance and commitment so that its associates continue with their rights protected.

SINCOR SP: know its history!

In 1934, two years after insurance brokers from Rio de Janeiro joined unions, it was the turn of São Paulo, so SINCOR SP was born on February 6, imbued with developing increasingly better working conditions for insurance brokers in São Paulo. Paulo, SINCOR SP began an arduous journey to conquer regulation, and consequent moralization of the insurance specialist profession.

After much struggle, the right was won on December 29, 1964, but the struggle to strengthen the profession did not stop there, the mission now was to train its brokers and give them conditions to face the unfair competition that still existed.

SINCOR MG: class struggle of the category

As soon as the insurance broker profession grew and expanded to other states in Brazil, professionals in the state of Minas Gerais also began to organize themselves, to achieve the necessary improvements for their category.

SINCOR MG category class struggle

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It was on August 15, 1942 that the first meeting of the Minas Gerais Association of insurance brokers was held, as soon as it was formally constituted, it worked until February 1944, when due to the intensification of Second World Warwhich severely affected the insurance market, had to stop its activities.

However, on July 14, 1960, the Association was reborn, starting a new work with the brokers who remained in the fight for better conditions and others who soon joined, then on July 9, 1968 there was the definitive recognition of the SINCOR MG by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

What is the importance of SINCOR in all Brazilian states?

Considering the importance of the insurance broker, a professional in constant specialization to offer a service such as property protection, SINCOR continues to defend the rights and recognition of these professionals, bringing better conditions and guaranteeing its professionals the necessary qualifications to continue doing their best for your customers.

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