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discover the famous catnip

Most cats are euphoric after smelling catnip. This herb can help you maintain your little feline’s well-being.

A catnip causes cats to behave very similarly to those of a human who has drunk too much or is under the influence of psychotropic substances.

Euphoria, obvious happiness, silly attitudes or extreme relaxation, appear as soon as the cat smells Nepeta cataria, the scientific name of Catnip.

The effects last about 10 minutes and are shared by small and large cats such as tigers. Is Catnip really the cat drug?

Catnip: non-toxic and non-addictive

This herb produces a substance called nepetalactone which is considered more of a stimulant than a drug for cats.

Scientists assume that the cat’s brain interprets the smell of nepetalactone as a pheromone that they particularly like.

Without causing addiction, Catnip is completely harmless to cats, so it can have many interesting uses for cat owners.

What behaviors does it cause?

The most common behaviors almost always include a great expression of joy and euphoria as soon as they smell the catnip.

The cat may roll or rub frantically in the grass or in the place that smells of it. It can also lick or chew the plant intensely, drool, make sounds as if it were in heat and run very quickly after prey and toys, real or imaginary.

Catnip can cause different reactions depending on the cats that smell it. Some may not even show any reaction as this ability seems to pass from parents to children.

It can also happen to cats that are already very agitated, becoming calmer and still, but always in a good mood. That’s why this herb is considered an excellent herb both to combat misbehavior and relax hyperactive cats, as well as to stimulate the more restless ones.

Catnip: how to use it for your cat’s well-being

Catnip helps cats become less stressed

In toys: to release built-up tension

This herb makes cats happier, able to be very active, but also creates an important moment of relaxation.

In stressful situations such as moving house, traveling, going to the vet or conflict with other animals in the house, a catnip toy may be just what your cat needs to return to a calm and satisfied state.

As environmental enrichment

A catnip toy or a place where you can put the scent of this herb with the help of a spray can add excitement to the life of indoor cats. Such as placing cardboard boxes for them to hide in or platforms for them to climb on.

It is one more element that allows this little feline hunter not to get bored closed up at home.

To train your cat

If your cat refuses to use the scratching post and prefers the sofa in the living room, just a touch of Catnip perfume in the place where you want it to scratch to attract it to that place.

This herb can help a lot in training and is particularly useful when you want him to get used to a new place, object or even a new home.

Catnip: if you use too much, it may lose its effect

Until now, veterinarians have not found any contraindication for the use of this herb, but its excessive use can nullify the effect of well-being felt.

Therefore, use it only once in a while, once a week is a good average to give a special touch to your kitten’s life.

Remember that younger cats (before 6 to 8 months of age) or older ones are the ones that seem to be less affected by the herb and that, if your cat is already overly euphoric, it might not be a good idea to use it. . Especially if that cat is aggressive towards other cats in the house.

Catnip can reinforce these behaviors, so if you don’t want to deprive him of that pleasure, make sure he’s isolated before letting him sniff this very special herb.

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