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Discover the benefits of the Tenda credit card

Tenda credit card is an exclusive product of Grupo Tenda Atacado, which in 2007 adopted one of the credit solutions incorporated by VoxCred. Thus, the Tenda VoxCred credit card has become a reality in the portfolio of individuals, companies and even entrepreneurs in the network.

The Tenda credit card has been a differentiator among the options for those who shop frequently at Tenda stores. This is because, in addition to having discounts, the card also offers exclusive benefits.

Want to know what they are? And how to apply for the Tenda credit card? So, continue with the article and see the main benefits, characteristics of the Tenda credit card, as well as questions that will clarify before requesting.

What this article covers:

What is the Tenda credit card?

The Tenda credit card is the corporate product option for customers registered in the Tenda store network spread throughout the State of São Paulo. However, with the newest partnership with the Elo brand, the Tenda credit card is now accepted throughout Brazil.

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It works, in fact, like a conventional Tenda credit card in four types, to meet the consumption of individuals and companies. Check your Tenda credit card details:

Tenda Credit Card for Individuals

What stands out most about the Tenda Individual credit card is that it works for the general public. That is, for personal purchases or for the family on a daily basis.

Tenda Card for Employee

In this case, the Tenda credit card, even with the Elo brand, is only available to Rede Tenda employees. It is also a great option for employees to take advantage of exclusive promotions at Tenda Atacado.

Tenda Credit Card for Legal Entities

The characteristics of the Tenda credit card for Legal Entities are exclusively aimed at companies and for business use.

To be part of the Tenda credit card membership, you must have a minimum of 6 months of acting as CNPJ??

Tenda Business Card

This last option works in the same way as the previous Tenda credit card, except that it does not require a CNPJ.

Thus, the Tenda credit card is also a good option for the informal entrepreneur. However, you need to prove the existence of your business.

What are the benefits of the Tenda credit card?

We list below some advantages of the Tenda credit card for you to evaluate before requesting, check it out:

  • Access to the application;
  • Accepted throughout Brazil;
  • You can pay in up to 10 interest-free installments at the bazaar;
  • Have up to 45 days to pay the invoice;
  • Have up to 4 free additional cards;
  • Make buy online;
  • Discounts on selected products;
  • Use the Tenda credit card at the store’s totem (self-service);
  • 10% off at Lanchonete Tenda;
  • Being able to contract protection insurance (Polso Protegido, Vox Saúde, Casa, and more).

For those consumers who need more time to catch up on their bills, the Tenda credit card is even more advantageous. That’s because you’ll have 45 days to pay your invoices and choose the due date.

Does the Tenda credit card have an annual fee?

Yea! The Tenda credit card has a differentiated annual fee. The customer will be charged, in installments, in the amount of R$ 7.96 (12 months). However, this only happens when the registered account has a balance payable on the Tenda credit card.

Does the Tenda credit card have an option for negatives?

Unfortunately, consumers who have a negative profile cannot apply for the Tenda credit card.

The Tenda credit card has an option for negatives

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But you can check out other options for getting a bad credit card that is worth it.

How to apply for the Tenda credit card?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Tenda credit card in the simplest and most practical way:

  • Enter the official Tenda credit card link;
  • Choose the type of Tenda credit card you want;
  • Fill in the fields that appear (personal and address data);
  • Then click on “Send”.

Ready! Your Tenda credit card proposal will undergo a credit analysis and if everything is correct, the Tenda credit card will arrive at the registered address.

Although it is practical to ask for the Tenda credit card without leaving your home, if you still have any doubts, contact Vox Soluções de Pagamento on the numbers: 11 9458 9491, 4001 0040, for capital cities or 0800 770 1828, for other regions .

And, of course, feel free to check out all the benefits of the Tenda credit card and its stores on the Tenda Atacado website.

And so, we come to the end of the content. So stay tuned to our articles on finance and better options beyond the Tenda credit card for all consumer profiles.

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