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Discover the benefits of the credit card today

People who manage their finances and money smartly often use credit cards today. Which has become a very popular payment method in our daily lives for the benefits it provides us.

But, when mentioning credit card Today, we refer to the company that offers several benefits in the card it makes available. Keep reading and learn about the benefits of having a credit card today and where you can apply for yours.

What this article covers:

What is the Credit Card Today?

Today’s credit card is one that will provide you with several exclusive benefits. The Hoje card belongs to the Herval Group, which is spread throughout Brazil.

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Aesthetically, it is a white rectangular plastic with a chip and engraved information, but its usefulness goes far beyond that. In the following topic, we will show you the unique advantages of having a Hoje credit card.

What are the unique advantages of today’s credit card?

Knowing that it serves to buy, most already know. But, take a look at the list of advantages that the Hoje credit card offers:

more term

It allows you to organize yourself financially to buy something you need. So, you don’t commit all your monthly income when you buy an item. In most stores it is possible to pay in 12 installments. Another possibility with the Hoje credit card is to have up to 40 days to pay.

more security

Unfortunately, the increase in street robberies makes us worried about our safety and our belongings. Having a credit card Today, it’s better than storing large amounts of money in your purse or wallet.

In order to prevent the theft of your data when shopping online, it is possible to generate a virtual card within the app to give you more security.

more possibilities

Allow your day to day to be easier with the possibilities that the credit card app Today offers you. In it, you can request service, extract, limit, request card and much more. The card has a national and world flag, so you can use it with peace of mind on your trip.

What documents do I need to apply for a credit card today?

Normally, you need an identification document that has a photo, such as RG or CNH, proof of residence and proof of income. These are the essential ones, but the CPF can also be requested.

How to apply for a credit card Today?

Applying for a credit card Today is very simple, it only takes an app and a few minutes, you can register, but you must wait for the result of the credit analysis. After being accepted, just access the account in the app and start using. Important to warn that your card will arrive in a few days and you will need to unlock it to buy.

How to Apply for a Credit Card Today

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However, within the app there is a virtual card that allows you to make purchases even before the physical one arrives at your residence.

Which Credit Card App Today?

Take the opportunity to order your credit card Hoje, in the card Hoje app. Search your cell phone app store for “Today card” and the black icon with the word “Today” in light orange will appear.

Download the app, and within it you will be able to create an account, answer all the fields and finalize your card request to wait for the credit analysis. In up to 48 hours you will have a return via message on your cell phone that informs you about the approval, if it is not approved, you will only be able to do it again after 180 days.

What are the credit card fees Today?

The Hoje credit card has an annual fee that is charged monthly for the amount of R$12.90. And of course, in case of late payment, interest is charged.

Know that the Today credit card brings many advantages, mainly because it is accepted internationally. But remember that it requires good management of your finances so you don’t spend excessively.

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