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Discover the benefits of silk pillowcases for skin and hair

Did you know that silk pillowcases are best friends for beautiful, healthy skin and frizz-free hair? We tell you everything.

At first glance it may just seem like an extravagance, as they are more expensive than cotton ones. But I knew that choosing silk pillowcases, instead of traditional cotton ones, can do wonders for the appearance of your complexion and also your hair? Yes, you read that right. Come and discover everything.

Silk pillowcases are allies of beauty

A trend in recent years among celebrities and it girls, silk pillowcases are in fashion because they are excellent allies for beautiful, healthy skin with less wrinkles

. Indeed, unlike cotton pillowcases, which absorb water from the skin and leave it marked more often than we would like, silk does not mark the face. And, in that sense, it is commonly said that it helps to preserve the complexion from wrinkles.

In truth, it’s not that silk pillowcases have the magic power to get rid of wrinkles. But they are good allies to delay its appearance.

In addition, silk is a protein fiber that contains 18 amino acids. And that translates into skin regeneration overnight (if, of course, combined with moisturizing creams and a good skin routine), thus stimulating collagen production. Also, the fact that silk allows the skin to conserve its moisture, not absorbing it like cotton, allows it to remain healthier and more hydrated.

It is also an antibacterial and thermoregulatory fiber, which is important for the skin to regenerate and always maintain an ideal temperature. After all, it is during sleep, while we sleep, that the skin undergoes a regeneration process.

The silk pillowcases and the hair

In addition to the wonders it does for the skin, silk pillowcases are also the hair’s best friend. Yes, if you usually wake up all disheveled and with the “hair standing on end“, know that this will end as soon as you start sleeping on silk pillowcases, since the contact of the hair with the silk drastically reduces frizz and excessive hair volume.

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How to choose?

If you are part of that group of people who believe that all satin is silk, know that you are sadly mistaken. In order to actually enjoy all the benefits of silk pillowcases on your skin and hair, it is crucial that you purchase pure silk pillowcases.

After all, only this natural fiber, due to its characteristics, allows the skin to regenerate without marking overnight, and the hair to wake up without frizz.

There are other non-silk fibers that can make satin fabrics, such as polyester, but do not provide the benefits of silk. In this sense, it is crucial that you check on the composition label that you are actually buying silk when looking for new pillowcases.

Where to buy?

Nowadays, there are already many stores where you can find pure silk pillowcases of excellent quality. From Zara Home to traditional linen and bedding stores, not forgetting El Corte Inglés or the well-known slip silk that sells online, just a click away.

Consequently, and contrary to what happened a few years ago, it is now easy to find silk pillowcases that will allow you to sleep more comfortably and have restful sleep, while taking care of your skin and hair effortlessly.

And although they are more expensive than cotton, they are an investment in the health of your skin and hair.

Now that you know the benefits of investing in silk pillowcases, and one of the biggest beauty secrets of celebrities, what are you waiting to buy and say hello to a radiant complexion and frizz-free hair?

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