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discover the advantages of this card

The Nubank credit card has grown a lot in recent times, gaining more and more customers. But if you still don’t know the details and don’t know what advantages you can get with a Nubank credit card, stay tuned for all the information in this post.

What this article covers:

What is the Nubank Credit Card?

The Nubank credit card is a card with no annual fee or fees, which makes it stand out from the rest. The Nubank credit card flag is Mastercard and it is accepted internationally.

Source/Reproduction: Nubank

One of the biggest highlights of Nubank is the fact that the customer can monitor all the necessary information through the cell phone application.

What are the advantages of the Nubank Credit Card?

This is a credit card that offers many advantages to customers, and it stands out many times for that reason. Here are some advantages:

  • The Nubank credit card has no annual fee or fees;
  • It is possible to receive discounts when paying for purchases in installments in advance;
  • Control everything through the app;
  • Virtual credit card option, ideal for online purchases and can be deleted after a purchase, for example;
  • Points program, Nubank Rewards;
  • The customer can have a NuConta, where the money will earn more than if it were in a savings account;
  • Mobile recharge available in a practical and fast way;
  • Nubank customers have the option of activating travel insurance;
  • For international purchases, it is not necessary to worry about the dollar exchange rate, since the dollar exchange rate will be used on the day of the
  • invoice closing;

Did you like the perks?

And the disadvantages?

On Nubank’s premium credit card, Nubank Ultravioleta, it is possible to find a disadvantage, which is the fee of R$49.00 per month. However, there are two ways for the customer to extinguish this fee: having a minimum invoice of R$5,000.00 per month and investing more than R$150,000.00. That is, it is an account for those who make large monthly transactions.

Who can apply for the Nubank Credit Card?

Anyone can apply for a Nubank credit card, just register your details on the Nubank website. You can also ask friends to refer you, to make this process somewhat easier.

Who can apply for the Nubank Credit Card

Source/Reproduction: Nubank

For the Nubank credit card to be approved, an analysis is carried out, so it is important that you have made good transactions in recent times, in addition to having no outstanding debts. This process can be favored if, before requesting the credit card, you make use of the Nubank digital account.

What is needed to apply for the Nubank Credit Card?

To apply for a Nubank credit card, simply enter the following data in your registration: full name, CPF and e-mail.

What are the Nubank Credit Card service channels?

One of the things that makes Nubank stand out for its customers is its 24-hour service, throughout the week, which allows customers’ doubts and problems to be resolved more quickly.

  • Nubank has the following service channels available:
  • Telephone;
  • Chat, which can be requested directly from the application;
  • Email;
  • Nubank website🇧🇷

The Nubank credit card is a great option for anyone looking for a card with no annual fee and where all processes can be carried out quickly, in the palm of your hand. Therefore, it is possible to block/unblock the card, create/delete the virtual one, request a duplicate invoice, anticipate the payment of a specific installment purchase, in addition to many other things. If you are interested in the Nubank credit card, do not waste time and apply for one!

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