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Discover the 05 best bank credit card options

Having a credit card is almost a basic need these days, for many reasons, whether to facilitate the purchase of an item, plan a trip or even pay outstanding debts.

In this sense, in order not to have major headaches and enjoy the maximum benefits that these services have to offer, it is worth analyzing each one and choosing the one that will best meet your needs.

Among the largest credit card operators in the country, we highlight the Banco Santander cards, which have a wide range of options for different audiences. In this article we list 5 card options, from the most basic to the most daring, which can help when choosing yours.

What this article covers:

What are Banco Santander credit cards and their advantages?

Check out the advantages of Banco Santander credit cards below:

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Santander SX Card

The first option, which is more accessible, is the SX, with few requirements, the card offers a series of advantages, among which we can mention: zero annuity if the customer accumulates 100 reais in purchases or more monthly, or, register the CPF and cell phone as Key Pix; Card Withdrawal Options; Discount with Esfera program partners; Santander Pass among others.

It is worth mentioning that to apply for the santander SX card, it is not necessary to have a bank account, and due to its simplicity, it can be a great option for those who want to have their first credit card.

Santander Gold Takeoff Card

The Decolar Santander card, as its name suggests, was designed especially for those who want to enjoy the best cost-effectiveness in travel through one of the largest travel agencies in the country. The card offers exclusive benefits such as: discounts on tickets, travel services, gratuity through the Decolar passport; VIP service for Decolar.com customers and up to 50% discount at Esfera program partner stores.

The card is accessible to account holders with a minimum income of R$ 1000.00 and non-account holders from R$ 1500.00, the annuity is around 4 x 92.50.

Santander Card 1|2|3

The second option on the list offers the Virtual Card, where you can make purchases before receiving the physical card; Every dollar spent in physical stores is converted into one Esfera point; For every 1 dollar spent in virtual stores, two sphere points are generated; And every dollar spent on international purchases is generated 3 sphere points; In addition, accumulating 1000 reais in purchases in the month, you have a 50% discount on the annuity.

The card was created to serve Santander customers van gogh and Select, however, non-account holders of the bank can also access the card, provided they have a minimum income of R$4,000.

Santander Unlimited Card

If you want a bolder option, one of the best options offered by the bank is Santander Unlimited. Both the Visa Infinity version and the MasterCard Black have benefits that live up to their name, with VIP-level benefits in different parts of the world, however, the card is restricted to customers with income above 40,000 in the private segment.

The annuity is fixed at R$ 1290.00, however, there may be exemption, as long as there are expenses of at least 40 thousand per month. In addition, every dollar spent generates 2.2 sphere points, and other exclusive benefits that can be seen on the Santander Unlimited website.

Santander Platinum Card

The last card on the List is one of the boldest in our analysis, it was one of the most recent products offered by the bank to high-income customers.

One of the benefits for new customers is the payment of the first invoice, which grants no less than 1,000 sphere points on invoices from R$ 5,000.00

Amex platinum cards, differ from conventional credit cards by offering greater flexibility in the limit, which is adjusted according to spending behavior, you will always need to pay the full amount of the invoice, since there is no revolving credit.

Platinum cards require a minimum income of R$20,000.00 and have an annual fee of 12 x R$120.83.

In addition to these, Banco Santander has a wider range of options to please the diverse public, the list of this article sought to make a selection between those with greater cost/benefits, however, those who wish to know a little more about the other options, can check directly at the address of Santander Credit Cards.

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