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Discover Marisa’s credit card

Marisa’s credit card offers facilities and advantages not only for in-store purchases, but also for your purchases in general. Because of this, Marisa’s card has been conquering more and more customers who mainly seek practicality.

Keep reading, and learn about Marisa’s card, its advantages, benefits and how to apply for yours.

What this article covers:

Who is Marisa?

Lojas Marisa is a chain of stores focused on women’s fashion that has around 360 stores in Brazil. The chain was created in 1948 and has grown exponentially in recent years, with stores in several malls, but without giving up street stores.

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The brand became known for its more affordable price, but mainly because of the famous slogan “From woman to woman, Marisa”.

How does Marisa’s credit card work?

The Marisa credit card works just like any other credit card, and can be used in several stores in Brazil and, if your Marisa card is international, also abroad.

There are a few different types of store cards and each one provides unique benefits and perks. Today, Marisa’s card is available in the following versions: MBank Itaucard Mastercard and MBank Cards. The Marisa Itaucard Internacional Mastercard and Marisa Card versions were discontinued by the company.

What’s the flag?

Currently, the Marisa card is issued only under the Mastercard brand and the customer can enjoy the benefits that the brand offers.

What are the benefits of Marisa’s credit card?

By choosing the Marisa card, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, check it out below:

Marisa MBank Itaú credit card

This is Marisa’s international credit card model, that is, you can buy it on websites and physical stores around the world.

Marisa MBank Itaú credit card
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As you have the Mastercard brand, you can register for the Mastercard Points Surprise and enjoy the benefits. In Marisa stores, you guarantee:

  • Progressive discount;
  • 10% discount on the first purchase Marisa;
  • 10% discount at Marisa in the month of her birthday;
  • Exclusive Marisa promotions;
  • Exclusive installments and payment in up to 100 days.

In addition, Marisa’s card also offers access to Itaú Cards and TAG Itaú partner benefits.

Does Marisa’s card have any fees?

Both Marisa cards charge an annual fee and the value changes according to each one. For the MBank Card, the annual fee is R$ 4.90 per month. For the MBank Itaucard Mastercard, the annual fee is R$10.90 per month.

What is Marisa’s credit card limit?

Initially, Marisa’s credit card comes with a limit of R$500, which can even reach R$5000 depending on your income, how much you use the card and whether payments are made without delay.

How to apply for Marisa’s card?

To request your Marisa card, there’s no mystery. Accessing the site, you can choose which card meets your needs, fill in the form with your data and wait.

Where to apply?

In addition to the website, it is also possible to request your Marisa card at the chain’s own stores. They are even offered by sellers at the time of payment at the cashier or while you are in the store and you can still enjoy the benefits in that first purchase.

Marisa’s credit card is perfect for those who like to shop online, guaranteeing great benefits and advantages for their purchases in a safe way.

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