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Discover foods that help fight pain

It’s not a myth. There are even foods that help fight pain. Find out what they are and include them in your daily diet.

It may seem strange, but there are foods that help fight pain. The explanation lies in its properties and substances that are capable of having a analgesic about the organism. Of course, in some cases this effect can be very tenuous and not very noticeable.

But favoring a diet based on these foods guarantees a faster and more successful healing and treatment process, saying goodbye to all unwanted pains more quickly. So, take note of which foods help fight pain.

There are foods that help fight pain. Know what they are

In general, we can say that foods rich in omega 3, such as fish, seeds and dried fruits, are anti-inflammatory and reduce pain. Alkaline foods, such as vegetables, greens and fruits, help reduce blood acidity and thus inflammation and pain. Likewise, there are also foods that you should do without in case of pain. Know what they are.

What to eat to fight pain

  • sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna;
  • walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts;
  • chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds;
  • cucumber, turnip, onion, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, sprouts, lentils, beets;
  • lemon, avocado, sour orange.

What not to eat in case of pain

In case of chronic pain, you should avoid foods that are too sweet and acidify the blood, such as:

  • meat;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sugar;
  • coffee;
  • salt;
  • bread;
  • pastas;
  • potato.
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Some key foods to combat pain

Green Tea

In addition to being rich in antioxidants Like polyphenols, the caffeine found in this tea acts on the central nervous system, relieving pain.

mint tea

If you prefer, you can also opt for mint tea, as it has analgesic properties and is still calming.

Purple Onion

With quercetin and anthocyanin, this onion works as a powerful pain reliever and natural anti-inflammatory.


The isoflavones present in this product help in relieving pain.

spices and condiments


Some of the substances present in this spice have an antinociceptive action, that is, they help to reduce sensitivity to pain.


Olive oil has luteolin, a substance that helps the body heal inflammation.


Proteins such as lean meats, soybeans, beans, among others, are sources of amino acids, which help in healing and recovery.


As we have already said, fish rich in Omega 3 and in fatty acids they are good sources of proteins and minerals, helping to combat various types of pain.


Another fish rich in omega 3 and with antioxidant properties that helps reduce inflammatory pain.

Vitamin C

Very present in citrus fruits and oats, for example, this vitamin repairs and protects tendons and ligaments and, therefore, helps in the fight against joint pains.


These fruits relieve pain, as they are a source of anthocyanins and tannins that help reduce inflammation and swelling.


Raspberries also have anthocyanins, which help fight, in particular, the pain of muscle inflammation.


Also grapes have anthocyanins, vitamin C and antioxidants, all anti-inflammatory properties.

healthy fruits and vegetables


As they contain anthocyanins, cherries help relieve inflammation and reduce muscle pain.


Saffron is a condiment with a strong and intense flavor, whose substances also help relieve and combat pain.


Ginger is known to help with the digestive process and boost the immune system, eventually helping to fight pain.


As it has sulforaphane, lettuce contributes to the fight against pain.


Cabbage is also rich in sulforaphane and vitamins C and K, which helps to combat inflammatory pain.

celery seeds

These seeds have apigenin, an anti-inflammatory substance that helps reduce pain, particularly joint pain such as that caused by arthritis.


It’s not a myth. Caffeine can even relieve some types of pain, although it should be consumed in moderation.

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