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Discover five trends in the programming market

Although the pandemic has caused immeasurable losses in various sectors of society, the corporate technology area has benefited, mainly due to the implementation of various processes, with emphasis on Information Technology (IT). Within this scenario, there are some trends in software development that should be very noticeable in the market in the coming months.

To get to know five of them, the technology leader at Novatics, who builds software and digital products, Thiago Milo, brings you unmissable information. Check out!


1. Data security

What company doesn’t want to keep data safe? In the face of numerous attacks by cybercriminals, data security remains an area that deserves considerable investment.

With ransomware attacks at a rapid pace, efforts must focus on increasing the security of systems on the web.

In addition, issues related to data privacy and transparency are gaining more and more attention from the public and companies.

Image illustrates a city covered with software code
The more companies invest in software and data security, the better the results. Image: Shutterstock

2. Low Code/No Code

Faster, easier and, if used well, as effective as the work of a programmed project from 0, Low Code platforms have gained more and more space among developers.

Enabling software creation in a more condensed process, this approach minimizes coding through the use of pre-defined templates, graphic design techniques, and drag-and-drop tools to create a system.

“Bringing a reduction in development time and decreasing dependence on professionals with a high level of experience, the model becomes extremely attractive in the developer market”, explains the specialist.

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3. AutoML

This is the trend in tune with automated machine learning, also known as AutoML. In this model, which requires less and less human participation for the development of the tool, the weight of extremely laborious and repetitive tasks are removed from the hands of specialists, who can focus their actions on more important stages of the work.

“The development of ‘traditional’ machine learning requires intensive use of resources, significant knowledge and domain, as well as time to produce and compare dozens of models. With automated machine learning, it is possible to speed up this entire process and apply ML models more quickly,” says Thiago.

4. Blockchain and Tokenization

Blockchain technology goes far beyond the issue of cryptocurrencies and NFT. By providing a much safer means of exchanging information, it strengthens technological development.

“Blockchain has been gaining prominence as a reliable and transparent platform for exchanging information. The distributed registry of transactions, guarantee of reliability and the possibility of decentralized auditing are some of the characteristics that attract special attention to blockchain, especially for more demanding segments in this sense, such as government, banks and companies in the technology sector”, reveals Thiago Milo.

5. Cloud First

The leverage of the concept of cloud applications is also on the rise. Although this has already been a trend for some years, the need to apply this technology is no longer a differential for the sector, becoming almost mandatory in corporate day-to-day.

“Today applications are born in the cloud. The development, testing and production environment are all in the cloud. More and more organizations are migrating their services and their development/test/production environments entirely to the cloud”, concludes the technology specialist.

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