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Discover five social networking alternatives to Twitter

See five alternative social networking options for those who want to leave the bird platform

Faced with radical changes to the platform, users have been looking for alternatives to Twitter, with changes made under Elon Musk’s management. Photo by Brett Jordan: https://www.pexels.com/pt-br/foto/aplicativo-app-aplicacao-solicitacao-5417837/

The purchase of the social network Twitter by the American billionaire Elon Musk for US$ 44 billion caused apprehension and, at the same time, a climate of uncertainty among the users of the platform. Since then Musk, an enthusiast of “freedom of expression”, has promoted a series of controversial changes in the structure of the social network, among them the main end of the content moderation policy on the social network.

The most recent being that of suspending the accounts of american journalists who cover the editorial in The New York Times and Washington Post, under the allegation that they are supposedly disclosing the location of their private plane, which has not yet been proven, given that this information is public.

In addition to allowing the circulation of anti-Semitic content and false news about COVID-19, which has put the company’s future management in check. With that in mind, we have separated five options for social networks for those who intend to leave Twitter.


Created in 2016 by the programmer Eugênio Rochko, it has an open and decentralized code. Rochko created the platform after he was dissatisfied with the policies adopted by social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, its differential is that it does not have advertisements, in addition to having a severe policy to combat discrimination and abuse, managed by the community itself.


The Post is a social network founded by former CEO of Waze, Noam Bardim, who sought to create the platform with the aim of making it a better place to promote the debate of ideas. Its target audience has been journalists, specialists in certain subjects, as well as content creators. At the moment, the social network is still in the testing phase, and it is possible to register on its waiting list.


Known for being a space where users express their ideas through forums. Reddit has proven to be an alternative to Twitter, as it includes news, allows content classification, and the possibility of discussing various subjects, through moderation carried out by the community itself. Subjects are divided into topics, known as subrededits that are created by users.

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Founded by a hackactivist known as “The Jester”. Firstly, its main flag is zero tolerance against misinformation such as automated accounts and hate speech. At the same time, it does not display promotional content or advertisements that interfere with the company’s editorial policy.


Medium currently has over 100 million users around the world. It is an open platform for blogs that allows the user to explore recommendations to read their texts. Likewise, the network also allows searching in topics so that users can find their writers as well as their favorite publications.

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