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Discover a decoration that will transform your home into a natural space

Discover the style of decoration with plants that is trending on social media. What are its benefits and how to apply it at home?

You already know the new trend” Urban Jungle “? It is a style of decoration with plants that is perfect in any corner of the house. It is gaining more and more popularity on social media and is an excellent way to purify the environment, in addition to bringing our spaces to life.

This style is suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and studies. If you are looking to give a more natural touch to your home decor spending little put these tips into practice.

Even if we want to put them in rooms of the house , It’s not always possible. This is because certain types of plants must be kept outdoors, in direct contact with fresh air and Sun light . So you need to understand which plants are most suitable, which to choose for each room and because .

What does “urban jungle” mean and what are the benefits of this decor?

Urban Jungle is a term that comes from English and means “urban jungle”. It is about filling the spaces with green, following a style contrary to the minimalist decoration.

The premise is to transform places where cement predominates into corners full of life! So, the style Urban Jungle it became a trend.

It’s a way to get back to nature and be more in touch with it, even indoors. In addition, you will be helping to purify your home environments natural way. and you will enjoy the benefits that plants offer for our health and well-being.

Tips for turning your home into an “urban jungle”

Fill all your spaces with plants!

Dare to fill every corner of your house with small and large plants. It varies in shades of green and species. Choose hanging and static plants to place, both in height and on furniture and on the floor. Fill every little space you find with nature and color.

Learn more about your care

It is essential to take care of plants so that they grow healthy and do not suffer damage over time. Find out about watering, pruning and the amount of light they need . So, in addition, you will know in which parts of your home to place them so that they always look healthy.

Choose walls in light colors for a more natural feel.

Enhance the beauty of your plants by contrasting their green tones with light backgrounds, white if possible. This will give a sense of spaciousness in the room and will reflect the sunlight essential for healthy growth.

Play with shelves, benches and platforms

Place the pots on the floor, shelves, recycled drawers, tables, benches and stairs. This will enhance the “jungle” effect. because you can put more plants and the environment will be even greener and more natural.

Match your plants with earth-colored objects

To get a touch more Natural choose earth-colored vases and combine them with decorative objects and furniture from the same line.


place of scents and plates prepared with love. It can be believed that this is not the best place for plants, as when preparing meals, smells that may not be so beneficial for them. This is not entirely true.

If placed at the right distance and close to a source of light and air outside, such as near a window, can also be stored in the kitchen. Better yet, stay on the culinary topic if they are aromatic plants , such as basil, thyme or rosemary. In addition to to decorate the environment will be Useful when necessary, for the creation of tasty dishes.


Most unlikely and unthinkable place to put a plant. However, for modern and spacious bathrooms, there is always a place for a plant. Are privileged plants that bring the benefit of absorb at substances contained in detergents, detergents and cosmetics which are known by the name of spathiphyllum . While the aloe Barbadensis needs a lot light and directly, in addition to absorbing well the water vapor .


succulents are favorites, like cacti or aloe vera (luxuriant in all seasons), but plants defined as perennials are not less. The cactus, in addition to having a beauty particular intrinsic and extrinsic, does not require care special because it doesn’t need a lot of water or direct sunlight. When it blooms, it gives a touch of color to the room, enriching it without equal. Perennial plants should be placed in places that bring negativity, such as corners or to cover corner furniture .


a belief common is that plants should not be placed in this room because they can harm it during the sleep . Not necessarily if you choose the right plants to put in that environment. For example, maranta or pothos perfect because they have the ability to purify the air of substances harmful and toxins, allowing us to breathe more air clean and beneficial. the lavender on the other hand, has natural relaxing properties: reduce significantly to insomnia and Relaxthe mind and the body. And the same can be said for the jasmine .

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