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Discover 6 homemade ways to straighten your hair

how to straighten hair

Why do women love straight hair? We like their length that is lost in curly, we think they look more mysterious, they give us an aristocratic image and so much more. On the contrary, curly, we would say, they look much more playful, light and usually go along perfectly with a bohemian mood. Straight hair gives us certainty as to the result, so our choice is usually made, especially on a night out. In some cases, straightening becomes a more time-consuming and difficult process, especially if we have very curly and stiff hair. Another thing that worries women is the issue that is created between straight hair and volume.

How to straighten my hair? The straightening technique is specific, but we must pay attention to some details to achieve lasting straightening without frizz. It is also important to keep the hair healthy and shiny so that we can enjoy the result. Straightening shows the least hair problem while we all notice that curly hair is deceiving. See below for ways to straighten your hair and how the process can be made easier!

How to straighten hair – Hairdryer

The hair dryer is one of the necessary tools for straightening. We will need the appropriate round brush for the length of the hair. The further the brush, the thicker we will use. We start drying our wet hair by straightening it! We start from the bottom by placing the brush close to the root. The mistake we sometimes make is to use the hair dryer too quickly and not give the necessary importance to the root that eventually gnaws away quickly. Then we dry the root well and continue pulling the brush to the tip of the tuft. At this point we stop for a few seconds so that the edge doesn’t show up in the frayed result. Repeat as needed to make sure the tuft has dried well. If it hasn’t dried out and we’ve outgrown it, then it will quickly darken due to moisture.

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After we are done with the bottom, we continue up. Now it’s time to give the roots some air so that our hair gets the volume it needs. We put the brush on the root again, but the more volume we want to give it, the more we lift the root. We followed the same procedure until we dried and smoothed our hair very well. We also pay close attention to the direction of the hair! If, for example, you straighten your hair on the side, then make sure you move the brush downwards, neither forwards nor backwards, because you will create “breaks” at the root and they will show up in the result.

How to straighten hair – Straightening

You’ve completed the process with the hair dryer, but you notice some flaws, like slinging around the edges, more volume in some places, or you’re not sure you’ll be able to leave the house without starting to break! The solution lies in straightening. It looks like it solves our hands and easily creates the result we want. It is also the one that will ensure that your amateur straightening lasts longer. Let your straightener heat up and then we iron the edges to straighten it out better. It is advisable not to approach the straightening at the roots, but to use it from the middle of the hair and downwards. For even better results, spray with a little hairspray and away from the tuft you want to straighten.

How to straighten hair? – Homemade masks

As we said at the beginning, keeping our hair healthy is essential to enjoy any hairstyle. When you straighten your hair, you will see the slightest imperfection. Therefore, it is advisable to use masks for best results. Especially when it comes to straightening them you can apply straightening masks in order to achieve the result you want more easily!

1) Milk and water

In this mask you will use an equal amount of milk and water. Slowly pour it into your hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then shower normally.

2) celery

In the multi-place chopped celery and add a little water. Blend very well until you get a puree that you will be able to apply to your hair. Apply it and let it act for 10 minutes. Then shower normally.

3) Coconut milk and lemon

In a cup of coconut milk add the juice of half a lemon. Leave for 1 night in the fridge and the next day apply to the hair. Leave for 30 minutes and shower.

4) Brown sugar and water

  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of water

Mix the sugar in the water well until it dissolves and spray the mixture onto your hair. It is important to spray damp hair! We don’t rinse, we just start straightening.

5) Milk and honey

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

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A particularly beneficial mask that will help you straighten your hair and nourish it is the mask with milk and honey. Mix the ingredients very well and then spread the mask on your hair. We let it act for about 1 hour and finally we bathe normally.

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