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Discover 6 easy-to-approve credit card options

Credit card approval causes anxiety in many people. In addition, they can cause problems, as many people request the service to be used in some urgency.

But did you know that there are easy and quick card options to be approved? We’ve prepared a selection of simply the best, check out all about them below.

What this article covers:

What are the advantages of a credit card?

The credit card offers many advantages to its users, check out some of them below:

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Possibility of installment

Often, we don’t have enough money in our account to make high-value purchases and pay in one go. At this point, the credit card offers the advantage of the possibility of paying in installments, even without interest. However, it takes a lot of responsibility not to cross the line and get involved in finances.

Immediate purchase approval

Unlike other forms of payment, such as bank slip, which takes a few days to be approved, the credit card has almost instant approval.

Financial planning

For those who like to keep purchases under control, the credit card enables more efficient organization and financial planning.

points program

Almost all credit cards have the possibility of points or miles programs, which is a great way to convert your spending into earnings. These points can be exchanged for products, discounts and even exclusive experiences.

Who can apply for a credit card?

Today, there are credit cards for every type of consumer profile. Usually, a minimum monthly income is required to be approved for a credit card, but there are already options for university students, freelancers and small entrepreneurs.

Who can apply for a credit card

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The only requirement on all credit cards is that the person must be over 18 years old.

What tips for those who are negative to apply for a credit card?

If you are negative, applying for a credit card can be a headache. But there are some ways to facilitate the procedures and try to be approved by the banks to get your credit card.

negotiate the debt

The first thing before applying for a credit card is to try to clear your name. For this, trying to negotiate debt is one of the fastest ways to get rid of and win your credit back.

Search for the best options

Now, there are interesting credit card options for those who are negative and before choosing yours, it is necessary to research and know all of them in depth, in order to choose the best way and without regrets in the future.

6 easy-to-apply credit cards

For those looking for an uncomplicated and easy-to-apply credit card, we have prepared a list of the best ones, check it out below:

Santander SX

This is a good international credit card option, easy to be approved and you can even have zero annuity when spending R$ 100.00 per invoice. With it, you can also participate in the Esfera points program and take advantage of Santander’s exclusive discounts and conditions.

Click Itaú

Free of annuity and with all the benefits of Visa Platinum, this is an increasingly popular card. After the first 3 months of continuous use of the credit card, the bank performs an analysis and may automatically increase your limit.


The perfect credit card for those who want to turn their purchases into incredible travel experiences. It is a card full of benefits, and the ease of requesting it is also one of them.


With a free annual fee, easy to approve and with the Visa International flag, you have a digital account full of other benefits along with your credit card.


For those who want a credit card that is easy to approve and with a considerably high initial limit, Digio is an excellent option.

This is a card option that does not require proof of income and it is still possible to make national and international withdrawals with it.


With the possibility of being used in credit and debit, the PicPay card offers several advantages such as cashback, payment slips in installments and, of course, zero annuity.

The credit card offers several facilities both in everyday life and in emergency situations. But before requesting yours, carry out a plan and always stay within it, to avoid excessive expenses.

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